Connecting the Dots: Peak Oil, 911, Afghanistan, Iraq & Iran

B13992 / Sun, 26 Mar 2006 08:43:53 / “War on Terror”

We all need to raise public awareness and encourage everyone to make the connection between Peak Oil and the U.S. policy of demand destruction.

Simply stated the U.S. government’s management of the events related to 911 are intimately woven into how this government has planned to deal with Peak Oil.

Not only is it important to remember these events, but it is important as well to fit them into the larger context of U.S. policy.

And incidentally I didn’t just wake up to these issues and begin this protest recently, I’ve been at this for a couple years now. This impacts not just your bank or credit card statements, but the clerk and other customers at the gas station as well.

As for the driving issue, Peak Oil, I’ve been on this since beginning personal research on the issue in 1979 at the library in the University of Minnesota.

As for venting your dismay with you’re government and society at large for complicity in perpetrating such a crime upon itself, do what I do.

Publically post the death toll of the number of dead soldiers from the “war on terror”. I’ve got a sign in my yard I update daily.

Buy your gas 3 gallons or so at a time so that the total always comes to $9.11. Use your credit or debit card so that amount is printed up and down your statements and your attitude gets into the “know your customer” database.

Let them know you haven’t forgotten and you’re not about to buy into “the company line”.

But most importantly try to anticipate and fight to mitigate the next big scam, cause this one’s a done deal.

There is no answer waiting to be found on some special leaf hanging on some hidden branch.

The answers are to be found by stepping back from the trees to see the forest.

The terrorist attacks on September 11th were preventable. The people who died were sacrificed because those responsible for their protection were pursuing the goals of a much broader agenda and the 911 victims and the Trade Center Complex were deemed an acceptable loss in the larger scheme of things.

If this weren’t true, heads would have rolled.

Somebody would have been held accountable, not re-elected.

The American oligarchies are barbarians. They always have been.

Those with the gold, make, break and enforce the rules.

What has changed and is changing are the “means and methods” used in how they continue to accomplish this feat.

Spend some time analyzing that.



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"What kills a skunk is the publicity it gives itself." ~Abraham Lincoln
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