Message to nation_ov_sheep: Historical Perspective on the Bush Family

Message to nation_ov_sheep: Historical Perspective on the Bush Family

B19381 / Mon, 23 Oct 2006 11:12:52 / Civil Liberties

I tried to vote on your blog this morning and since that moment, I haven’t been able to comment or PM you from your site.  I’m automatically logged out each time I get on your blog or site.

The rest of GNN is all working OK.

It appears some entity is a tad touchy on the topic of the Bush family history of which we both seem to be students and of our having any electronic international links or communications, though I’m more focused on the future and the crimes yet to come.

Try reading or posting to some of my stuff on GNN and/or go to  for a little more background info.



it is probably the _ in his name if you are using a browser besides Mozilla then it logs you out no matter what your settings are for some reason.  I had that problem a lot when using public computers, obviously it hasn’t been fixed either.

Ted @ 10/23/06 11:49:22

Thanks for the heads up Ted.

No voter suppression then, or outside interference, just a generic bug on the site.  Cool.

I can deal with being monitored, but being muted would be intolerable.

I’m home, using IE7, but have Mozilla loaded.

Be good to know about this glitch before choosing a user name.


GWHunta @ 10/23/06 12:28:33

Get mozilla if you haven’t already.

nogunri @ 10/23/06 13:10:27
GWHunta @ 10/23/06 13:11:02

Ain’t that a glitch.  You nailed it Ted.

Guess I’m a bit edgy and jumped to a radical assumption, with all this Patriot Act and Military Commisions Act of 2006 business on my mind.


GWHunta @ 10/23/06 13:44:46

Logged on with Firefox.  Had to close IE7 completely to vote.

Wierd glitch. Butt?

We can dwell on the crimes of the past, express outrage and dismay at the crimes of the present or band together to anticipate and prevent the crimes of the future.

Some read history, some write it.

Some roll with it, some fight it.

If you wait for the proof,

they’ll have your pudding.

I leave you all with this final thought to contemplate:

We’ve got 24/7 TV, radio, even cell phone news, google and the blogoshpere.

When’s the last time you read, saw or wrote an article about
“the war on organized crime”.

If the war is over…….

Who won?

Evil ultimately preys upon itself.


Sometimes no Peace.

GWHunta @ 10/23/06 15:46:39

Bush: War was worth it

Sometimes no Piece

GWHunta @ 03/19/08 10:43:11

3 Responses to Message to nation_ov_sheep: Historical Perspective on the Bush Family

  1. GWHunta says:

    Obama to Veto Any Attempt to Roll Back Automatic Cuts After Committee’s Inability to Reach Debt Deal

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