Another Angle on the Destruction of WTC Building Seven

Sat, 25 Mar 2006 10:47:25 -0600
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“Amazing, incredible, pick your word. For the third time today, it’s reminiscent of those pictures we’ve all seen too much on television before, where a building was deliberately destroyed by well placed dynamite to knock it down.”
CBS News anchor Dan Rather commenting on the collapse of
7 World Trade – September 11, 2001 at approx 5:30pm EST
We didn’t get this on the evening news that day. Or the next. Or ever again, but for in the unedited excitement of the moment. Why?
Then there’s the theory regarding the destination of Flight 93.
Camp David or maybe D.C., later the White House.
All conjecture based entirely on flight path, but if you look carefully, the plane made two deviations just prior to crashing in Pennsylvania.

The zig before the last zag could’ve easily put Flight 93 right back on course for NYC. The flight time would have put them back in the NYC vicinity at approximately 11 am.
Flight 11 strikes the North Tower at 8:46 am. The world is now watching when Flight 175 strikes at 9:02 am. Imagine the additional drama and irony of the 3rd plane taking out WTC 7 almost two hours later with the world watching and the Pentagon now in flames and striking at approximately 11:00 am.
Further driving home the point, 911, 911, 911.
Now when Flight 93 was clearly going to be a no show (crashed at 10:10) a fire breaks out a approximately 10:30 am reportedly caused by a fuel system malfunction for an emergency backup generator that creates a flood of diesel fuel and spawns a significant fire. 11:30 am the NYFD abandons all hope of suppressing the blaze, withdraws firefighters from the building and decides to let it burn.
7 hours later as the smoldering fire looks as though it’s going out on it’s own, the building suddenly goes down like a house of cards. Right.
Now as for all the debate over the how and the when regarding controlled demolition and questions regarding the placement of explosives without detection and the time and labor involved.
Think along these lines. It’s now a wireless world my friends.
We’ve all seen the way demolition contractors get the job done.
They string miles of wire all connected back to a main control panel that precisely sets off the explosives in the proper sequence.
If any element of our government (DIA) had any complicity in this event, do you believe that commercial demolition techniques are the state of the art available to them? Use your imagination, Iraqi insurgents are setting off hidden IED’s with cell phone signals.
If you start thinking in terms of many individual devices placed over a long period of time and camoflaged into the structural members, (where only a limited few have access) the theory becomes a bit more plausible.
Certainly more plausible than the not so raging inferno theory.
Lastly, watch this video of the WTC 7 collapse.
What prompted this person to move towards the window and start zooming for the base of the building just prior to it beginning it’s collapse?
I rest my case.
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Closing Argument:
Try this ABC News perspective
After watching it, just do the audio.
Now while Jennings is sleeping at the switch regarding the video feed Don Dahler aka Mr. Cool on the ground is on it. He gets exactly what actually did happen supposedly without benefit of replay as he’s 4 blocks of away, near the street and witnessing the ensuing stampede of people trying to escape the immediate vicinity and the dust cloud is approaching rapidly. At 2:22 into the video he clearly states that from his vantage point all he could see was the top 1/2 of the building and the collapse looked to him like a demolition.
After Jennings blurbs on about the collapse and the replay looking like a controlled demolition, Dahler sets the record straight with an amazingly cool and unbiased eyewitness report to the entire event and gives Jennings an accurate account of what is soon to become the official story. 3:45 into this video and 1:23 after saying he could only see the top half of the building, now he’s witness to minute details of what happened, suddenly and unexpectedly, at the top as well as what he now says he’s sure didn’t happen at the bottom.
So let’s break this down.
A. Somebody has tampered with the audio track after the fact to cast doubt on ABC’s credibility or B. Don Dahler is reading a script off a teleprompter (or some other means) and isn’t witnessing squat, or C. This guy has ice in his veins and just realized that what he and Jennings have just said isn’t going to go over too well and realized he needed to immediately correct the record, all while viewing the scene from a cloud of choking dust and bearing witness to this mayhem in the streets. If it’s C. Don should be the ABC anchor. If it’s B. Who wrote the script? If it’s A. Alex Jones has some explaining to do.
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The remote piloting theory is incorrect.
nada @ 04/12/06 09:06:28
Not so fast nada. What if both stories are correct.
What if:
The government learned of the hijackers plot well in advance. They decided to let it happen and control the circumstances by remotely piloting the final approach of the planes.
Nobody anticipated that this last plane would be taken over by the passengers who heard via cell phone conversations what had happened to the other planes.
Once they overtook the hijackers by force, and then had control of the aircraft, the flight 93 could no longer be used in the scheme.
The plane then was redirected by remote piloting towards Washington D.C. and then nose dived into that farmfield in Pennsylvania to prevent the real target which had been WTC 7 from being exposed.
The mission couldn稚 have continued on towards either WTC 7 or D.C. because the people on the plane would have reported by phone what was happening to them in spite of having subdued the hijackers.
At approximately the same time of this crash the fuel system malfunction was beginning to flood diesel fuel into Bldg. 7 and the subsequent fire was first reported about 10:30 approximately 20 minutes after the crash of flight 93.
GWHunta @ 04/12/06 10:29:32
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Wow. Fascinating thesis, GW.
4 years ago


Thanks Chickenma1, I’ve been studying the issue for a long time now and have had plenty of idle time to think it through completely. Seems really strange now with Moussaoui being the only one going down for the crime and the government rehash on the media of all the nitty, gritty details.
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“Certainly more plausible than the not so raging inferno theory.”
LOL, raging inferno theory? It is not a theory. Its a fact.
How convenient that your little theory of 911 denial just happens to line up perfectly with your insane world view of good vs evil.
Remember what I said, 911 denial, like Holocaust denial, like terrorist denial, are all political expressions. They have nothing to do with real facts. Of course most of you probably know that.
4 years ago


I linked that video a while back in the Big Thread. My point, like yours, was to debunk previous photos that seemed to depict WTC7 pouring smoke from most of its floors.
The truth is clear from the video. The only side of WTC7 that was burning was the south side. The south side only had a few of its floors pluming smoke. Few = up to 10 max.
If someone could make jpeg ‘stills’ from this video, I would very much appreciate it.
4 years ago


Where did you find a Holocaust denial. 911 was a Holocaust in and of itself and will usher in an era of “demand destruction” the likes of which has never been seen in human history.
Sometimes no Peace,
4 years ago


i’ve been recently reminded that Flight 93 was apparently delayed for 45 minutes before taking off.
it may affect possible ‘timing’ of this wtc 7 target. it doesn’t deny the possibility. for one the thing, the plane was flying west for quite some time. the time to turn back east could be adjusted according to the take off time.
4 years ago


GW: Why wouldn稚 the remote simply be turned off and control returned to the passengers at that point? Why ditch it?
I don稚 assert that the plane was flown remotely for the entire trip. The most likely scenario is that the hijackers simply programmed their preplanned flight coordinates into the autopilot and weren稚 manually flying the aircraft.
Building 7 had to go down. If it had been left standing and damaged, the explosives that brought it down would have been found.
If and when the passengers overtook the hijackers and had control of the plane, there would no longer be the plane crash to explain the destruction of WTC 7.
They couldn稚 then continue the flight to NYC, the passengers and crew would have found a way to convey that they had subdued the hijackers and had control of the aircraft before getting there.
Flight 93 had to be destroyed so that the hijackers would never have a chance to explain that they had planned to target WTC 7. That and the myriad other questions they might have been able to answer.
It is entirely likely that the original pilots of the plane were still alive so that when the passengers and crew regained full control of the aircraft, they would have landed it safely.
So the flight path was redirected remotely, most likely by resetting the coordinates in the autopilot in the direction of D.C. and ditched either remotely or by the hijackers when the passengers or crew entered the cockpit.
Sometimes no Peace,
GWHunta @ 04/12/06 21:31:4110:02:14宥o.
10:02:17裕urn it up.
10:02:18優own, down.
10:02:23猶ull it down. Pull it down.
10:02:25優own. Push, push, push, push, push.
10:02:33幽ey. Hey. Give it to me. Give it to me.
10:02:35宥ive it to me. Give it to me. Give it to me.
10:02:37宥ive it to me. Give it to me. Give it to me.
10:03:02輸llah is the Greatest.
10:03:03輸llah is the Greatest
10:03:04輸llah is the Greatest.
10:03:06輸llah is the Greatest.
10:03:06輸llah is the Greatest.
10:03:09輸llah is the Greatest. Allah is the Greatest.
10:03:09輸llah is the Greatest. Allah is the Greatest
These are the transcipts to the last minute of flight according to the reportaing of MSNBC.
Two of the hijackers had apparently been overtaken by the passengers and crew. The hijackers were engaged in a series of up and down manuevers and rolls to prevent the breach of the cockpit. They had also minutes before discussed ending the mission. They had decided not to do so until the cockpit was breached.
While this transcript proves nothing, the hijacker that was apparently in control of the flight was for the last thirty seconds or so repeating give it to me, give it to me as though he had lost something.
Control of the aircraft would be the most likely answer. From his fellow hijacker or the autopilot?
What seems unlikely to me is that if hijackers determined to kill Americans and create chaos and spectacle after taking control of an aircraft of this size would intentionally crash it into a farmfield and not target at least one of the many small towns and cities that dot the Pennsylvania countryside if when they had to abort their mission.
Sometimes no Peace,
GWHunta @ 04/14/06 06:28:09
4 years ago


Al-Qaida terrorist and would-be shoe bomber Richard Reid will not be testifying at the death-penalty trial of Zacarias Moussaoui.
U.S. District Judge Leonie Brinkema on Friday vacated the order she had previously issued requiring Reid to testify for the defense at Moussaoui’s trial.
Brinkema gave no substantive explanation for her order. She cited a letter written Friday by Moussaoui’s court-appointed lawyers and a motion filed by the federal public defenders in Boston who represented Reid. Both the letter and the motion by Reid’s lawyers are sealed, though.
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Moussaoui has said that he and Reid were going to hijack a 5th plane to fly into the White House – which gives credence to the idea that 93 was headed elsewhere – like towards Bldg #7.
4 years ago


Good analysis chicken, why don’t you take your theories to a federal prosecutor?
3 years ago


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Recently saw a special report on 9/11 “myths” on Nova.
From eyewitness reports of the vicinity of the crash it seems there was a mysterious white unmarked twin engine jet aircraft that circled the crash site of Flight 93 immediately after impact that was never identified, seen nor heard from again.
Sometimes no Peace
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The complete text of the final WTC 7 report, a video describing the WTC 7 investigation findings, a record of all comments received on the draft WTC 7 report, a “chart tracking the progress toward implementing all of the NIST WTC recommendations, and other materials may be accessed at
1 month ago


The Indian bastard, Shyan Sunder, giving the NIST (aka lying fuck-pigs) findings in the video is corrupt scum. Everybody knows Indians will say anything for money. They are shit. In fact, anyone who has been to India knows the entire country smells of shit and Indians eat shit for breakfast.
“WTC 7 collapsed because of fires.”
Bullshit. The fucking thing went down at free fall speed in its own footprint. The corrupt Indian bag of shit produces some scabby diagram with a few failures here an there and talks about a “domino effect”. The scum-bag expects people to believe all of the 1000s of girders failed without the slightest resistance, and hence did not slow down the free-fall speed of the demolition. He talks about a new kind of progressive collapse that apparently is unique to WTC 7. Every construction engineer, architect, metallurgist and person with an IQ above 75 knows the little Indian bastard is lying, making up bullshit and pissing on science.
“Had explosives been used we would have had sound levels at 120 to 130 dB.”
Bollox! You can create a massive shock wave, that would cut through girders softened with thermite, without expansion (and a loud bang) by exceeding the stand-off voltage of pure water. It’s been used in mining, quarrying and some demolitions for decades. Also, if the girders had been significantly heated with conventional thermite and then military grade nano-thermite was used (with its explosive property) to cut the girders, the shock wave required would be a mere fraction of that which the lying Indian bastard alludes to (and hence a much reduced sound wave).

“No evidence that explosives were used in the collapse.”
Lying shite! Explosives Found in World Trade Center Dust.

Scientists discover both residues and unignited fragments of nano-engineered thermitic pyrotechnics in debris from the twin towers

And what about the pools of molten metal found under the ruins of WTC 7.
That NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) is packed with academically inferior Indians, jews and homosexuals. It will produce any old shite to support corrupt politicians, false-flag terrorism, corrupt corporations, and to help the jews thieve the wealth of the world and subjugate humans.
By the way, I reckon Hindu Indians are nearly as bad as jews. They even burn their own kids for money: Every hour and forty minutes an Indian woman is lit on fire.
Finally, I do nave an intuition that the computer model used to demonstrate the bullshit story by NIST about WTC 7, is in fact the actual computer model used by those who planned the 9/11 false-flag terrorist attack and devised the demolition of WTC 7. The terrorists in Israel and America do like to have their little jokes (along with the killing and destruction).

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8 Responses to Another Angle on the Destruction of WTC Building Seven

  1. gwhunta says:

    Lastly, watch this video of the WTC 7 collapse.

    What prompted this person to move towards the window and start zooming for the base of the building just prior to it beginning it’s collapse?

    I rest my case.

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