Climate Code Red


B27163 / Mon, 18 Feb 2008 12:48:44 / Environment


Repetitive, poorly edited and CO2 centric report focused primarily on the very real risk of runaway warming following the loss of polar ice.


GWHunta @ 02/19/08 09:49:31

Well worth the read however in terms of framing the problem of the inertia of the business as usual models that must be overcome and some worthy and necessary sequestration initiatives that address more than simply the level of atmospheric CO2.

GWHunta @ 02/27/08 12:17:17

Guess what this is going to be…….

GWHunta @ 02/27/08 12:25:44

Completed. Note the size of the palm trees in the foreground for a comprehension of the scale of this project.

GWHunta @ 02/27/08 12:32:33

Come’on give it a shot.

GWHunta @ 02/27/08 12:43:36

Some sort of environmental function?

A gigantic CO2 vacuum?

kbz @ 02/27/08 13:20:59


…and no.

GWHunta @ 02/27/08 13:25:00

Thank God.

kbz @ 02/27/08 13:28:06

Nothing to with it.

GWHunta @ 02/27/08 13:42:56

This is a monument to the triumph of human technology over the constraints of the existing environment.

GWHunta @ 02/27/08 13:46:44

Well, it looks like it’s an indoor ski hill. Dubai possibly?

This is a monument to the triumph of human technology over the constraints of the existing environment.

Whoo! Now all we need are polar bears on snowboards! That would show the environment a thing or two!!

tango @ 02/27/08 13:53:07

Yeah, Dubai, but this polar bear isn’t mad unless you call him Mohammad.


GWHunta @ 02/27/08 14:23:11

GWHunta @ 02/27/08 14:24:28

GWHunta @ 02/27/08 14:25:39

Sometimes no Piece

GWHunta @ 02/27/08 14:27:47

how freaking much does a lift ticket cost!

hellcat @ 02/27/08 19:09:38

No idea.

But the airfare for a non-stop flight to DBX (Dubai) from IAH (Houston) is $1,337.00 and I’m just guessing, but the lift ticket is probably less.


GWHunta @ 02/29/08 06:03:53

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