Demand Destruction

B25267 / Wed, 3 Oct 2007 12:00:11 / “War on Terror”

As the global economy begins its meltdown and the early impacts of Peak Oil combined with decades of runaway population growth impose their very real constraints on the economic fortunes of global humanity, acts of “terrorism” can be reasonably expected to increase.

Hence the quantum increase in surveillance technology, data mining and storage capability recently witnessed in the most mature and highly developed societies.

Order, at any cost, must be maintained domestically in order to maintain U.S. hegemony around the globe. Domestic fears are consistently stoked to maintain the mask of denial for outright crimes and the basic inhumanity of U.S. foreign policy.

In the end though, it is not “them” that the planet can no longer afford, it is “us.”

Prepare yourselves for the realities of domestic demand destruction.

It’s the orderly thing to do.

Sometimes no Piece




‘Demand destruction’ is exactly what is happening. Karl Marx labled ‘demand destruction’ as a fundamental contradiction of capitalism. As productivity goes through the roof, not as many workers are needed to make the same amount of products, which means not as many workers are paid, which means fewer people can buy the goods that are produced. Demand destruction. Although you can always enter the “service” industry and “service” those who own a chunk of the productive property. It’s happening everywhere. Marx said it would lead to an eventual armed confrontation between the unemployed masses and the capitalists. It will. Who will win is unclear.

dionysus @ 10/05/07 11:22:42

I don’t agree that it’s based on population growth though… productivity is growing faster than population. It’s due to the way the economy is set up, where more productivity leads to fewer employees paid decent wages to produce things, which leads to less “effective demand.” Distributed wealth always equals low birth rates, high inequality always equals high birth rates. If the capitalists want to maintain capitalism, they’ll have to start killing people off faster than they’re born; no new jobs are being created to pacify or feed the masses.

dionysus @ 10/05/07 11:28:25

Peak oil will be used as an excuse to limit energy use to the rich. Alternatives to petrol-based cars will be supressed, or intentionally not pursued.

dionysus @ 10/05/07 11:30:42
GWHunta @ 10/08/07 15:19:41

The collapse of our modern industrial society will be a controlled demolition.

Sometimes no Piece

GWHunta @ 05/01/08 08:03:54

GWHunta @ 09/26/08 01:36:53

Financial meltdown blows holes in state budgets

Amid crisis, states forced to take ‘drastic action’

States slashing budgets, axing jobs, halting major construction projects

This is just the beginning of the drastic action.

Sometimes no Piece

GWHunta @ 10/10/08 04:55:39

Or we could feed them all into white collar desk jobs? Inventing more varieties of insurance.
Nobody grows wheat by the truckload in Manhattan.

I don’t think it will be all that controlled. Also, I believe we should never underestimate the ingenuity of the lazy-minded workaholics, who create money out of others money.

FreaK @ 12/11/08 22:49:30

I don’t think it will be all that controlled. Also, I believe we should never underestimate the ingenuity of the lazy-minded workaholics, who create money out of others money.

The current wave of Obamanomics is about as controlled a demolition of the middle class as I’ve ever witnessed.


GWHunta @ 05/06/09 14:01:18

Until all golf courses have been converted to housing complexes I cannot be convinced of overpopulation.

COS @ 05/06/09 14:06:34

Housing takes up a very small portion of the individual human “footprint” of space needed to produce the water, food, fiber and materials consumed by each individual.

Depending upon the lifestyles of the population, much of the planet is already grossly overpopulated.


GWHunta @ 05/06/09 14:26:10

Means to an end.

GWHunta @ 08/05/09 22:16:02

Sometimes no Peace

GWHunta @ 08/05/09 22:16:05

12 Responses to Demand Destruction

  1. GWHunta says:

    Two years of no COLA in SS.
    HUD jacking up base rent.
    Now a stock market crash following the debt ceiling “settlement” which was really simply a delaying tactic for the crisis to come in December when the shit will really hit the fan, not just at home, but globally.

    The Dow Jones is currently down about 600 points in today’s “trading”.

    Dow Jones industrial average plunges 600 as market rout continues

    August 4th through August 8th Dow Jones Industrial Average lost 1083.18 points (-9.11%)

    Sometimes no Piece

  2. GWHunta says:

    Obama to Veto Any Attempt to Roll Back Automatic Cuts After Committee’s Inability to Reach Debt Deal

  3. GWHunta says:

    Once-affluent people lost their nest eggs as housing prices dropped off cliffs. Laid-off middle-aged managers and professionals were staggered to find that their age made them repulsive to potential employers. Medical debts plunged middle-class households into bankruptcy. The old conservative dictum—that it was unwise to criticize (or tax) the rich because you might yourself be one of them someday—gave way to a new realization that the class you were most likely to migrate into wasn’t the rich, but the poor.

    ~ By Barbara Ehrenreich and John Ehrenreich
    Thu Dec. 15, 2011 2:00 PM PST

    The 1 Percent, Revealed

  4. GWHunta says:

    For the purpose of “economic stimulus” or stabilizing and increasing 401K contributions amongst the upper middle class?
    This is simply a backdoor way of “privatizing” social security.
    Obama succeeds where Bush failed.

  5. GWHunta says:

    Does the Romney/Ryan tax cut/plan end the Earned Income Tax Credit for the working poor?

    Plans Ryan has offered in the past, such as his “Roadmap for America’s Future” would eliminate tax breaks that benefit the poor, like the Earned Income Tax Credit and the Childcare Tax Credit.

    (Romney hasn’t specified what tax breaks would end under his watch, but analysts say to make the math work, he’d have to gut many of the benefits poorer Americans now enjoy.)

    When running Bain Capital, Romney never explained the takeover process to his victims either.
    They figured it out themselves when it came time to get the “bait” back for himself and his fellow “investors.”

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