Friday the Thirteenth of April, Two Thousand and Seven

Friday the Thirteenth of April, Two Thousand and Seven

B22832 / Sun, 15 Apr 2007 16:02:16 / Human Rights

Wade Roberts P0 Box 33

Wetmore, MI 49895

Phone (906) 202-0723

Friday April 13th, 2007

Mr. Dean Jackson Mr. Mike Bressette MGH Radiology Department 580 West College Avenue Marquette, MI 49855

RE: Questions regarding my Siemens Dual Source CT Scan

Dear Sirs:

On Thursday April 12th at 2:15 PM, I was scheduled for a CT Scan of my cervical spine. This procedure was done at approximately 2:25 PM.

I have had two previous CT Scans done on my neck in Iron Mountain and the procedures were completed very quickly.

Yesterday once I was positioned on the table the technician who assisted me onto the table raised it and positioned me for movement into the scanner and of course left to the control room.

In a matter ofjust a few minutes, I heard the scanner begin to work and the table moved me as expected and in what seemed to me to be about twenty seconds total time I was back in the original starting position and I assumed the scan was complete.

I waited for the technician to return to help me from the scanner and when after a minute or two she didn’t return, I assumed that the procedure hadn’t been completed or that there had been a malfunction of some sort so I relaxed, awaiting some word from the tech.

In another minute or two I heard the scanner begin again and remained still awaiting movement of the table, but it remained stationary throughout and the scanner sounded as though it was running for a couple of minutes, which I thought odd, as it is my understanding that most partial body scans are completed in a matter of 8 to 24 seconds. It then stopped.

After a few more minutes I gestured with my hands and the technician came out of the control room and helped me from the scanner and off the table to my feet. She apologized and explained they were checking the results.

I do not understand why the scanner ran the second time and for so long. Was I exposed to any additional X-ray that wasn’t part of my examination?

I didn’t ask any further questions at the time as I needed the rest room and was taken promptly thereafter to rejoin my wife and await a copy of the exam on CD.

I am also very concerned about the hardware that is fusing my cervical spine and would like to know if there is any sign of fracture in the hardware or any discernible differences in the screws that secure the plate to my C- spine?

As to why the scanner ran this second time without any movement of the table, while I remained in the initial starting position, I would appreciate a response at your earliest convenience.

My hardware questions are probably best directed to a radiologist or my physician, but if you can respond to these questions as well, please do.

Thank you in advance for your anticipated cooperation and response.


Wade P. Roberts



2 to 4 minutes of CT = tens of thousands of normal X-rays worth of radiation.

Sometimes no Peace

GWHunta @ 05/23/07 07:56:32

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