George H. W. Bush and Peak Oil: Beyond Incompetence

George H. W. Bush and Peak Oil: Beyond Incompetence

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Listen to Tony Blair.
There is no technological solution.
We have overshot.

There is not sufficient capitol, energy and material resources to correct the problem. Not with the rate of population expansion.

Not for everybody.

There certainly isn’t the political will. That was absent 30 years ago when this problem first became critical and the world needed to get past ideology and address the issue.

It might have been possible then. The Chinese were still practicing sustainable agriculture and riding bicycles. They were even exporting oil.

What now, a ruthless American hegemony that will cull the herd and remake the world into a model of what and decided by whom?

When 41 was the Director of the C.I.A. back in 1976, they were deciding then how to shape U.S. policy in the Middle East and what to do about the global crisis of growing population and limited resources.

No doubt the course we’re on was charted that far back. Anything else would have been the ultimate in negligence.

If anybody knows what and how U.S. policy is for dealing with Peak Oil, global population growth and eventually reaching a sustainable future that would be the one man who should be able to tell us.

As CIA Director to see Ford out and Carter in, VP throughout the Reagan military expansion and overseer of the national policy debate regarding social Darwinism.

Then President from 1988-1992 he should have had some input on the matter.

He who left Iraq an open wound for a future President to deal with, in spite of having assembled a true coalition of over 500,000 men that could have easily invaded, occupied, quelled any resistance and withdrawn leaving a truly international force to “democratize” the Iraqis.

Instead economic sanctions were placed on the Iraqis and the U.S. and British military waged a limited war restraining Saddam for the next 12 years and insuring that all military aged Iraqis would have over a decade of humiliation to insure their hatreds when the job of removing Saddam had to be eventually finished.

This was done to limit Iraq’s capacity to expand its production of crude for the world market, guarantee the return on the huge investments made by the British in the development of the North Sea and insure Saudi preeminence over OPEC throughout the 1990’s.

If any single individual should have an answer as to what the future holds, maybe it’s not the seemingly clueless 43 we should be looking to, maybe we need to ask George Herbert Walker Bush who is the only living President who has chosen to excersize his right to receive daily briefings from the C.I.A. and has done so since he left the White House over 14 years ago.

41 would have likely remained on top of the intelligence apparatus since he was appointed CIA Director in 1976. You know all the while he was VP for Reagan that somebody was making the foreign policy decisions.

It’s a well known fact that Reagan was one who delegated responsibility, the actor who delivered the lines, made the appearances and kissed the babies.

This isn’t the first shadow Presidency where somebody else was in the bunker actually running the show, while the front man did all the P.R. work.

If the American way of life is indeed not negotiable, what is the plan for dealing with this little bump?

Nationalize the future… Been there, did that. It’s now totally up to U.S.

I say we ask George Herbert Walker Bush what’s next, just what are we to do now?

Is there a future, and if so, for whom?

Or maybe GW could ask him for us.

Sometimes no Peace,


Sometimes no Piece,




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