GNN is back online. For that I am grateful.



We’re back from the shadows again.


GWHunta @ 10/08/09 00:25:14


GWHunta @ 10/08/09 00:35:02

Is the rumor true that GNN plans on closing down?

mwm @ 10/08/09 00:55:51

It’s not a rumor.

The site owners have conveyed that they are holding discussions regarding the future of GNN and that the site may be taken offline for the general public, though the content is to remain accessible to registered users.

Let’s hope they’ll decide to simply leave it be or improve it with no content deletions and maintain public accessibility, without which a news site is pretty much worthless.


GWHunta @ 10/08/09 01:20:14


mancer @ 10/08/09 03:14:06

Thank God the lights are back on. Now I can finish my final blogs (for the lawsuits). They’re titled “Exhibit A: the corporations Anthony convinced Shiftshapers and his minions to burn down using inflammatory comments in the GNN forum” and “Exhibit B: the guys Anthony convinced memnoch to hit over the head with beer bottles using black magic and his memnoch voodoo doll.”

tingbudong @ 10/08/09 03:15:47

is gnn closing?

back on


petty abuse

i gather if we all speak worshipfully about Obama and just make fun of tom delay it can stay on


johnnycivil @ 10/08/09 03:43:04

I have been reading GNN everyday for at least 5 years. It is my homepage in all of my browsers.

I never created an account, because i saw no need but I literally come here first thing daily. I think of this page as my portal to a true journalistic expression of the goings on in the world. I’m not saying im all “culted up” to the gnn site, because I read mainstream news as well. I don’t swallow everything presented on either, but this is the lens I view it all through, rather than the other way around.

I am not the only one either. I forward articles from this page to all of my less informed peoples who would like an alternative perspective, and many of them have adopted gnn as a mainstay in their regular readings. They in turn, have turned others on who would have just been stuck on or other mainstream sites. We do this, even as the information is just trickling in.

Please don’t fuk this up and shut down for whatever reason cuz this site is important. We are out here, it ain’t just the members and bloggers, and contributors reading each other’s posts and fighting, and etc. We are watching, and relying on this information.

So, speak worshipfully about Obama, and make fun of Tom Delay or whatever else is necessary. Or maybe just nut the fuk up and keep the damn lights on, Please.

noleyedge @ 10/08/09 10:01:50

yes i too am grateful

i too forward these headlines and commentaries to many many people

tom delay sucks and is a bad dancer.

STOPSTRIPMINING @ 10/08/09 19:12:42


Trainspotter @ 10/08/09 19:20:20


GWHunta @ 10/18/09 21:23:27

GNN is still online. For that I am grateful.

Sounds as though our time is going to be cut short.

GWHunta @ 11/04/09 08:04:20

Thanksgiving Day Bump

Sometimes no Peace

GWHunta @ 11/26/09 10:26:34
GWHunta @ 12/30/09 15:36:13

nice! also consider registering an account over at Feral Camel.

ShiftShapers @ 12/31/09 10:04:54

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