Good Mourning Amerika

Good Mourning Amerika

B25133 / Tue, 25 Sep 2007 09:11:15 / “War on Terror”

The occupation and robbery of a nation occurs under the illusion of freeing its citizens from brutal oppression.
~ Ramman Kenoun

Casualties in Iraq

The Human Cost of Occupation

Iraq Coalition Casualties

Reported U.S. Deaths Pending DoD Confirmation:…….3
U.S. Deaths Confirmed By The DoD:……………………..4091

The War in Iraq Costs

National Priorities Project

See the cost in your community



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It’s too late to:

GWHunta @ 09/27/07 06:25:16

GWHunta @ 09/27/07 06:32:15

Well kiss my…….Cadillac goodbye.

Did it myself plate / impeachment

GWHunta @ 09/27/07 06:42:34

Iraq is free, they do have a Democracy. They are simply overrun by bad
guys who hate democracy or are street thugs paid to kill.

Those are the facts….sorry….reality here… come to bite you in the balls.

hitlabeshi @ 09/27/07 08:18:05

They are simply overrun by bad guys who hate democracy or are street thugs paid to kill.

What country isn’t?

mercenary @ 09/27/07 11:14:41


isn’t free, it is occupied by a “coalition” of foreign troops of which
more than 160,000 are U.S. troops. In addition there are tens of
thousands of private contractors doing “security” work for the U.S.
State Dept. and private business interests.

Free democratic states
don’t have foreign troops conducting combat operations within them or
insurgencies fighting against their central governments.

Those are the facts, leave my balls out of the discussion.


GWHunta @ 09/27/07 16:34:32
GWHunta @ 11/01/07 08:36:42

59 days…….

GWHunta @ 11/08/07 12:15:38

58 days…….

GWHunta @ 11/09/07 13:18:35

AP: Deadliest year for U.S. in Afghanistan

Six GIs killed in ambush, raising number of Americans killed in ’07 to 101

GWHunta @ 11/10/07 10:13:27

Almost forgot,
57 days…….

GWHunta @ 11/10/07 16:26:36

“We should have elections before the 9th of January,” Musharraf told reporters at his presidential residence in Islamabad.

GWHunta @ 11/11/07 12:29:49

56 days…….

GWHunta @ 11/11/07 12:29:58

Both sides may be anticipating another effort by Cheney to win Bush’s approval of a significant escalation of military pressure on Iran in early 2008.

55 days…….

GWHunta @ 11/12/07 11:22:59

Did forget?

53 days…….

GWHunta @ 11/14/07 11:27:03

52 days…….

GWHunta @ 11/15/07 09:37:36
GWHunta @ 11/15/07 09:46:36

51 days…….

GWHunta @ 11/16/07 11:06:56

50 days…….

6 weeks on the road…….

GWHunta @ 11/17/07 22:25:27

49 days…….

GWHunta @ 11/18/07 14:10:37

48 days…….

…….to war.

GWHunta @ 11/19/07 10:09:51


GWHunta @ 11/20/07 13:51:47


In November 2002, Helen Thomas, veteran White House correspondent, told an audience, “ I have never covered a president who actually wanted to go to war “ – but she made it clear that Mr. Bush was the exception.

And she was right.


GWHunta @ 11/24/07 10:16:20


GWHunta @ 11/25/07 10:18:36
GWHunta @ 11/26/07 16:06:23

437 Billion
911 Million
and counting…….

GWHunta @ 12/03/07 11:57:11


GWHunta @ 12/15/07 09:07:49

Liquidation of Empire

or 22…….

GWHunta @ 12/16/07 09:04:19


GWHunta @ 12/18/07 00:00:51


GWHunta @ 12/19/07 09:11:59


GWHunta @ 12/21/07 23:08:42

13 on the 23rd, blame it on the moon?

GWHunta @ 12/23/07 15:32:51

An even dozen……..

GWHunta @ 12/24/07 10:36:37


GWHunta @ 12/25/07 07:18:55


GWHunta @ 12/26/07 14:21:54


GWHunta @ 12/27/07 12:03:09

Eight – 08

GWHunta @ 12/28/07 09:36:57

GWHunta @ 12/29/07 10:55:46

GWHunta @ 12/30/07 11:35:00

GWHunta @ 12/31/07 10:11:12

What ever happened to hitlabeshi? Did you chase him away, GWH?

Twitch @ 12/31/07 10:50:04

You mean Izzy?

Hard to keep cheer leading the GWOT
while simultaneously watching the U.S. dollar drop by 40% of its former
value against the Euro while millions of U.S. citizens are losing their
homes to default and foreclosures.

Izzy was also a Gore fan/CO2 is climate change style environmental activist.

Go figure. Maybe he forgot how to log on.

Sometimes no Peace

GWHunta @ 12/31/07 10:57:37

Go figure.

Indeed. I had no idea. I figured that he had moved so far to the right, that he forgot about the center.

Maybe he forgot how to log on._

Too funny, man.

Hard to keep cheer leading the GWOT
while simultaneously watching the U.S. dollar drop by 40% of its former
value against the Euro while millions of U.S. citizens are losing their
homes to default and foreclosures.

Paul Krugman wrote “The Great Unraveling” in 2003. That either makes him clairvoyant or an economist.

The architects of the WOT hope to deflect any unrest at home. But, they will be unable to control the rising tide of instability at home and abroad, by the very monsters they have created while soothed by the opiate-like induced coma that only ‘The Seven Deadly Sins” can bring.

Terror is a relative term.

I suffered a close encounter of the third kind with a microwaveable
sour-cream enchilada dinner. I thought it was a pretty good deal when I
saw the $1.98 price tag there in the frozen food section of sprawlmart.

I got home, cooked it and even gussied it up with a bit of hot sauce.

I had the same sensation that I experienced when at the dentists office,
getting high on laughing gas, I was asked by the dentist whether I
thought I had enough, when I answered, “No, not yet”! I think he saw
right past the the ruse. Maybe it was the ‘Smilin’ Bob’ expression on my
face or the fact the he could see all 88 of my teeth without asking me
to open wide.

Sorry for the digression.

So, there I am about to partake in a $1.98 meal, thinking to myself “Wow, a buck
ninety-eight. What a deal”! Little did I know that what you save in
dollars will cost you big in the sitting room.

You know that feeling when you’re trying to blow a St. Bernard outta your ass?

Your head is spinning, flames are coming out of your nostrils, you’re
sweating and biting on the towel rack, just praying to any God that
whatever it is isn’t breeched. I mean, I dialed 91 and waited before
dialing the last 1, unsure of how to explain my situation. Should I
Crab-walk to the car and take myself to the emergency room? Was there
such a thing as a twenty-four, privacy advocating, Obstetrician who
could help? or was this a job for a Proctologist?

That was Terror!

But, it was a cakewalk compared to trying to make sense of Iffy.

In the housing crisis, there will be winners. On balance, many of the
people who bought homes were just as uninformed as the idiots who took
on the under-writing of such loans, and the practice of buying loans or
debt, willy-nilly, didn’t help the situation in the recent past nor will
it in the future.

Revisit, “Missed Fortune”, by Doug Andrew here
for a snapshot into creative marketing. It takes advantage of policies
intended for, and used by, the already wealthy real estate moguls, and
those in Government whose ventures are backed by tax dollars. They don’t
fear the situation wherein they need a bailout, because he who has the
gold makes the rules.

Twitch @ 12/31/07 12:24:22

GWHunta @ 01/01/08 08:30:05

Soon no Piece

GWHunta @ 01/01/08 14:11:57

GWHunta @ 01/02/08 11:33:22


Are you changing the sign yourself? or is this someone else’s campaign?

Twitch @ 01/02/08 18:20:58

These pictures are somewhat dated, they’re from 2004. I’ve had the sign
going for most of the past eight years. Done a variety of things with
it over the years.

Started out in the back of one of my old pickup trucks as a political campaign banner back in 1998.

It became a semipermanent part of the neighborhood as a road sign later
that fall. (Much to the dismay of some of the more conservative of my
neighbors and those of similar persuasion passing by)

Today it posts the number of dead U.S. troops on one side and the cost of the war in Iraq on the other.

You’ll notice this blog is updated daily if need be, as is the sign.

When the updates stop, you’ll know my lot in life has taken a definite turn for the worse.

Sometimes no Peace

GWHunta @ 01/02/08 20:52:29

Then shall we raise the glasses and imbibe the toast to another decade of decadence and virtue.

Twitch @ 01/02/08 21:08:23


GWHunta @ 01/02/08 21:28:19

Enough is enough. Exit now if you still believe in justice and peace. No Bullshit.

Twitch @ 01/02/08 22:06:58

GWHunta @ 01/03/08 10:22:49

GWHunta @ 01/04/08 12:23:16

GWHunta @ 01/05/08 13:19:09

GWHunta @ 01/06/08 11:15:23

A heartbeat away

The US navy said the two F/A-18 Super Hornets were providing “close air
support from Iraq when they crashed”, but all three pilots – two from
one jet and one from the other – ejected safely.

Lieutenant John Gay from the 5th fleet’s headquarters in Bahrain said there was “no connection” between Monday’s crash and the harassment by the Iranian boats.


GWHunta @ 01/10/08 07:43:27

9 U.S. soldiers killed in Iraq offensive

Six soldiers were killed and four were wounded Wednesday in a booby-trapped
house in Diyala, the U.S. command said. It also announced that three
U.S. soldiers were killed and two wounded in an attack Tuesday in
Salahuddin province, north of Diyala.

U.S. warplanes flatten ‘safe havens’ in Iraq

U.S. bombers and jet fighters unleashed 40,000 pounds of explosives during a
10-minute airstrike Thursday, flattening what the military called
al-Qaida in Iraq safe havens on the southern outskirts of the capital.

Sometimes no Peace

GWHunta @ 01/10/08 07:49:08

unleashed 40,000 pounds of explosives

Oh Jesus. Add this to the mix as well. US blacklists Iranian commander, Syrian-based TV station

Szamko @ 01/10/08 07:59:38

Tehran: U.S. trying to spread ‘Iran-phobia’

U.S. told to apologize for ‘pursuing adventurism’ over naval confrontation

GWHunta @ 01/13/08 11:00:28

Two female suicide bombers kill 64 in Baghdad.

GWHunta @ 02/01/08 09:08:38


$275 million per day

$4,100 per household

Almost 4,000 U.S. soldiers killed

More than 60,000 U.S. soldiers wounded

700,000 Iraqis killed and 4 million refugees

GWHunta @ 02/25/08 08:21:23

Studies: Iraq war will cost $12 billion a month

Economists project a much higher ‘burn rate’ than government estimates

GWHunta @ 03/11/08 09:34:01

Public, media losing sight of Iraq, study finds

Only 28 percent know that nearly 4,000 U.S. troops have been killed

GWHunta @ 03/13/08 21:11:18

GWHunta @ 03/19/08 10:54:42


GWHunta @ 03/24/08 05:01:51

Iraq Update:

$1,721 per person.

$4,681 per household.

million per day, over 506 billion expended thus far and the estimated
total costs to the U.S. economy are projected now to be in excess of 3

Bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb Iran?

GWHunta @ 03/27/08 08:45:23

What are they fighting about in Basra?

The wars in Iraq (the plural is no typo) are about to expand and possibly
explode, so it might be useful to have some notion of what we’re in for.

GWHunta @ 03/29/08 09:51:18


GWHunta @ 03/30/08 08:56:32

Attacks on U.S. Forces Soared at End of March

Attacks against U.S. troops and Iraqi security forces soared across Baghdad in
the last week of March to the highest levels since the deployment of
additional U.S. troops here reached full strength last June, according
to U.S. military data and analysis

Could the spike been instigated by Cheney & McCain’s mid-March trips to Iraq to espouse
their support and praise the success of “surge?”

Sometimes no Peace

GWHunta @ 04/02/08 08:48:33

What ever happened to hitlabeshi?

maybe he enlisted after all ?

we’ll know for sure if it goes to 4013

JustLurking @ 04/02/08 10:33:38

Friday the 4013th.

Sometimes no Peace

GWHunta @ 04/04/08 10:03:39

BREAKING NEWS: 3 U.S. soldiers killed, 31 people hurt in attack on Baghdad’s Green Zone.

GWHunta @ 04/06/08 14:57:08

23 U.S. Troops killed since Easter Sunday.

Sometimes no Peace

GWHunta @ 04/06/08 16:20:06

GWHunta @ 04/08/08 16:54:03

That’d be approximately 5% of the Iraqi population at a minimum that have been
decimated due to economic sanctions and the resulting disease and
hunger as well as the war itself since the onset of the slaughter of the
Iraqi army on the “highway of death” as they were retreating from

Sometimes no Peace

GWHunta @ 04/09/08 14:08:28

Due to a malicious attack on our web server we have removed most of the
content from this site. The attack caused users to be redirected to
random sites that have no affiliation with iCasualties. After a good
deal of effort we think that we have identified problem and hope that we
will soon return the site back to it’s proper state.

Please accept our sincerest apologies for any inconvenience this has caused you.

GWHunta @ 04/12/08 06:47:22

Study: 300,000 US troops from Iraq, Afghanistan have mental problems, 320,000 brain injuries

GWHunta @ 04/23/08 03:57:45

4 U.S. soldiers killed in Baghdad attack

Rocket or mortar strike kills troops around the capital

GWHunta @ 04/28/08 16:58:14
GWHunta @ 04/30/08 09:56:37

not supposed to be so blind with patriotism that you can’t face
reality. Wrong is wrong no matter who does it or who says it.
~ Malcolm X

GWHunta @ 05/02/08 12:38:30

05/16/08 DoD Identifies Army Casualty

Sgt. John K. Daggett, 21, of Phoenix, Ariz.,
died May 15 in Halifax, Canada, of wounds suffered May 1 in Baghdad,
Iraq, when a rocket-propelled grenade struck his vehicle. He was
assigned to the 1st Battalion, 14th Infantry Regiment…

05/15/08 DoD Identifies Army Casualty
Sgt. Victor M. Cota, 33, of Tucson, Ariz.,
died May 14 in Baghdad, Iraq, of wounds suffered when his vehicle
encountered an improvised explosive device in Kadamiyah, Iraq, May 13.
He was assigned to the Special Troops Battalion…

Both from Arizona.

Home state of presidential candidate U.S. Senator John McCain.

Sometimes no Peace

GWHunta @ 05/17/08 04:24:13

525 Billion.

What could that have built, instead of destroyed?

Sometimes no Piece

GWHunta @ 06/02/08 18:33:53

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  1. GWHunta says:

    Obama to Veto Any Attempt to Roll Back Automatic Cuts After Committee’s Inability to Reach Debt Deal

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