Graft…No Graft…Any Questions?

B13721 / Wed, 15 Mar 2006 15:10:54 / Human Rights

The picture below is a sample photo showing a single bone graft placed between cervical vertebrae for the purpose of fusing the vertebra together.

It is not an x-ray of me.

The picture below is a composite of before and after x-rays following the surgery that was performed at the St. Mary’s Hospital in Rochester, MN November 12th, 1997 to place a graft similar to the one pictured above between the C6 and C7 vertebra and fuse the two of them together.

As can be seen by comparing the photographs this surgery was a fraud.

The circled entry on a Certified Copy of my medical records from the Mayo Clinic which appears to have been altered.

I believe it to have said “Incomplete fusion” which was later erased and “interbody” typed over the erasure.

This was done so this radiology report would agree with the surgeon’s reports and office notes.

The photo below is a composite of the x-rays that were done before and two after my spine surgery at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN.

More facts about this initial surgery

So tell me, Graft or No Graft?



ShiftShapers @ 03/15/06 17:32:34

With all due respect. There’s really nothing we can do to help you even if it’s completely obvious that you got scammed. You need to get a lawyer. I mean GNN could transform into some radical underground terrorist cell but I doubt that is likely.

drew hempel, M.A.

drewhempel @ 03/15/06 17:40:05

Spoken like a true psuedo-activist. The jury still out?

Bright guy, isn’t that what the M.A. is all about.

Graft or No Graft? It’s an opinion, not a contract.

GWHunta @ 03/15/06 20:08:17

well.. provided it’s an unqualified opinion you want – the x-rays do look different to me, but I’m hardly an expert, so I don’t know if the difference is the bone graft or the patients condition, or a complication resulting from the surgery. But bungled surgeries do happen.. so do coverups.. especially in the USA. Profit and corruption go hand in hand. At least if this happened in Canada or another country with socialised medicine, the patient wouldn’t have to shell out thousands and thousands of dollars for a crap surgery and then thousands and thousands of dollars in lawyer fees so they can lose a court case to the Mayo clinic.

Joe @ 03/15/06 20:56:45
GWHunta @ 06/08/06 14:25:03

Craig T. Coccia ducks service of $600,000.00 lawsuit for fraud.

GWHunta @ 02/20/07 04:48:44

Northern Neurosurgery Groups, P.C. served.

GWHunta @ 02/20/07 10:34:28

Marquette General Health System covers.

GWHunta @ 02/20/07 11:18:24

Negative Image from Siemens Dual Source CT MGH 04/12/07.

GWHunta @ 04/27/07 11:09:10

Sometimes nothing is harder to swallow than the Truth.


GWHunta @ 04/27/07 11:13:20

GWHunta @ 05/07/07 09:47:31

it fits!

hellcat @ 05/07/07 10:20:23

With a really nice high rez scan i could sniff it out!

hellcat @ 05/07/07 10:22:35
GWHunta @ 10/27/07 07:39:20

GWHunta @ 04/27/08 23:21:44

I saw a Bones episode where this person was pretending to be a company and selling body parts to hospitals not properly screened or cleaned. One of the bone grafts that was done was of a cancerous leg bone, and a little girl (and several other people who got bones from the same man) got that type of rare lung cancer. Most of them died. It was a good episode. My point is: maybe you’re dying.

Science @ 04/28/08 08:06:44

We’re all dying.

It’s what we do in the interim that matters.

How we treat others, what we stand for and won’t stand for or turn a blind eye to.


GWHunta @ 04/28/08 09:20:35

This is what bone grafts look like.

You won’t find anything like this in any of the post-surgical X-rays that I’ve had because the surgeons didn’t do what they promised and later said they did.

Sometimes no Peace

GWHunta @ 04/28/08 09:36:40

GWHunta @ 04/28/08 11:08:26

26 Responses to Graft…No Graft…Any Questions?

  1. gwhunta says:


    or maybe…….

    Or maybe even better…….

    MARQUETTE MI 49855


    March 2nd, 1998

    (I got fired, Lou retired.)

    Lou knows who was pulling the strings at Alger Max back then, (Mayo surgery and aftermath, including my politically motivated internment at MGH) and should yield some insight on Coccia’s intent in the MGH OR in November 2000.

    Sometimes no Peace

  2. GWHunta says:

    List of Qualified Surgeons Enter: 49855 in the zip code

    Craig T. Coccia, M.D. can be found listed 2nd on a list of 3 within 25 miles as having been properly trained in the use of the semi-constrained Codman Anterior Cervical Plate, that he improperly, recklessly and dangerously installed on my cervical and upper thoracic spine as part of a construct that couldn’t have possibly and of course has not since properly fused.

    Utilize this Munising Memorial link or the one posted in the comment above for a view of the relatively recent X-ray image of my cervical and upper thoracic spine and note the excessive degree of movement of the C7 and T1 vertebrata in spite of them being plated together, demonstrating not only a lack of fusion, but textbook cervical instability as well.

    Incidentally, the Codman Anterior Cervical Plate Craig T. Coccia screwed onto my cervical and upper thoracic spine was neither designed by the manufacturer, nor FDA approved for use below the C7 vertebra.

  3. GWHunta says:

    Want to get to the very bottom of this entire story?

    There’s a man in Marquette who knows how very well how this ball got rolling.

    Just Ask Lou Chappell

    formerly the Administrative Assistant to Warden Wayne Stine at Alger Max

  4. GWHunta says:

    Type of Filing: Original
    Committee Type: Candidate
    Candidate Last Name:
    First Name:
    County of Residence: MARQUETTE
    Political Party: Republican Party
    Office Sought: Representative in State Legislature-109th District
    Date Committee Was Formed: 06/06/17
    Committee Phone Number: (906) 360-6570
    Committee Mail Address 1048 ALLOUEZ RD.
    MARQUETTE, MI 49855
    Committee Street Address: 1048 ALLOUEZ RD.
    MARQUETTE, MI 49855
    Treasurer Name:
    Mailing Address:

    710 HENNEPIN RD.
    MARQUETTE, MI 49855
    (906) 360-4520

  5. GWHunta says:

    My last minute announced Republican contender lives next door to the man that mutilated my cervical spine and left me unable to work and unemployable with a preexisting condition insurers or employers won’t touch. My potential for success running as a Green Party of Michigan candidate for this position is severely curtailed by the entry of a Republican candidate into this race.

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