Grapes of Wrath?

Grapes of Wrath?  (internet archive)

B14320 / Thu, 6 Apr 2006 20:28:48 / Civil Liberties

As the call for a roundup of “illegal” immigrants that are here to share in our vast economic wealth that is America is enacted into new and  tougher legislation, it is in our common interest to gain an understanding of our political heritage, current economics (Peak Oil) and past economic cycles.

I present to you my interpretation of events regarding the planned forced roundup and deportation of some and registration of the remaining estimated 11 million “illegals” and a
brief glimpse into our recent past.

Things are almost certainly about to take a rapid and unprecedented turn for the worse.

I predict that within a year from today if this Administration is not sacked and steps taken to prevent a further slide towards all out war in the Middle East; we may not recognize the country in which we find ourselves.

Further militarizing the borders and the forces that police our homeland, rounding up and registering millions of aliens and deporting millions more is not a step towards greater democracy, freedom and human rights.

When reading the following historical events try to remember we were then “the good guys”.

Have you ever heard of the CCC camps of the 1930’s?

I live less than 20 miles from the Seney Wildlife Recreation Area.

It is a huge federal wildlife reserve, primarily breeding habitat for Canadian geese.

The reserve boasts many manmade lakes and dams, miles and miles of canals to transport water from various rivers to form these lakes and ponds.

Prior to all this work, it was a vast, nearly impassable swamp.

Even today, few venture off the roads or away from the more developed areas.

All the work, the roads, the lakes and ponds, the canals were dug and built by hand.        Pick, shovel and wheelbarrow.  The CCC’s supplied the labor.  CCC stands for Civilian Conservation Corps.  It was operated by the U.S. Dept of War.

To reduce the possibility of revolt and rebellion and with fears of communism sweeping the United States after the stock market crash of 1929, during the great depression the federal government launched many huge, labor intensive development projects throughout the country.

I can point out several here within 50 miles of my home.

Young men 16 and 17 years of age, who had dropped from secondary schooling were taken from the cities and shipped to rural areas and provided with minimal housing and usually adequate food and a small monthly stipend for their labor with the requirement that some of this was sent home if they had parents or grandparents to assist with their support.

This was not a true volunteer project, like a Peace Corps type thing, but was done for the express purpose of maintaining political control and civil order in the cities with the soup lines and large numbers of unemployed.

Young potential troublemakers found their way to these CCC camps.

Most cleared the land and then planted trees, mostly pine plantations by hand. Those that were determined to abscond in this area were said to have been sent to work in the Seney swamp, where the terrain made any attempt to leave a dangerous proposition.

The remains of these CCC camps are scattered throughout the Upper Peninsula and when the depression ended and WWII began many of these old CCC camps were converted to prison camps to hold German prisoners of war.

Onewas within easy walking distance of where I live today, just a mile or so down the tracks called Camp Evelyn and the second in this county was Camp Autrain.

Knowing your past is critical to understanding the possibilities of your future.

Now, if things are about to get truly tough here, and they send the Mexicans back to Mexico and they build a border fence, that will of course work both ways.

Who do you suppose is going to be doing all the work these millions of people have been coming here to do because nobody else wants or will do these jobs? Or are we simply going to stop growing and eating produce?

Ever read the Grapes of Wrath?

Sometimes no Peace,


History does indeed repeat itself.

Those who don’t understand their history can’t comprehend the possibilities of their futures.


GWHunta @ 05/10/06 20:11:56

Or are we simply going to stop growing and eating produce

Well we won’t stop eating it, so there will always be a demand.  If Americans refuse to work for the wages offered by the landowners, then the landowners will either have to go out of business, or offer better wages.  If we have to import more food, so what?  Food prices will go up, because the remaining farms will be paying decent wages.  Good.

Who will work as nannies or lawnmowers?  No one, hopefully.

And let’s not pretend picking fruit is all migrant workers do.  Trades like construction, landscaping, even house painting or warehouse work used to pay better wages and have higher union densities.

Speaking of FDR, didn’t he say something to the effect that ‘if you can’t pay a living
wage, you have no business doing buisiness in America?’  I happen to agree.  What’s been happening is, that many people who have no business being in buisiness can stay in business by paying slave wages to imported slave workers.

Somehow most of Europe gets by without slaves picking the crops.  So can America.

bacchus @ 11/14/07 11:53:17

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