Help Me Thank ‘Big Al’ Gore

Help Me Thank ‘Big Al’ Gore

B22239 / Mon, 12 Mar 2007 21:57:13 / Environment
Climate Claims [attached]

Dear GNN’er,

There may be no single person who has done more for our environment than Al Gore.

From his years of service in the Senate through his term as Vice President and especially recently, with his Oscar-winning movie An Inconvenient Truth, Al Gore has been a steadfast, outspoken leader on environmental issues.


That’s why I’m so pleased that Vice President Gore has accepted my invitation to testify before the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee on March 21st!

And I want you to help me give him the warmest welcome possible.

Sign my online thank you card to Al Gore now — so I can personally deliver it to him when he comes to testify later this month!

With the threat to our planet from global warming growing day by day, the time to act is now. My colleagues on the committee and I have already begun crafting legislation to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, increase conservation, and develop new alternative energy sources to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels — especially foreign oil.

Al Gore’s appearance before the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee comes at an ideal time. It provides us with a tremendous opportunity to gather additional ideas for fighting global warming, to elevate the visibility of this important debate — and to thank Al for his many years of leadership and hard work.

Won’t you join me in thanking Al Gore for his leadership on the environment?

Sign my thank you card to Al Gore now!

With your help, I hope to present Al Gore with a thank you card signed by tens of thousands of Americans when he comes to testify later this month.

So please, take just a moment to sign our thank you card — and then invite everyone you know to do the same.

Thank you for helping me give Al Gore the warmest of welcomes on March 21st — not just from committee members, staff, and members of the public who come to the hearing, but from tens of thousands of Americans like you as well!

In Friendship,


Barbara Boxer U.S. Senator

P.S. It’ll take just a few seconds. Click here to sign our thank you card to Al Gore so I can personally deliver it to him when he comes to Washington on March 21st. Thanks so much!

Sign the Card to Al Gore | Contribute Today!

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Invite your friends and family to join Friends of Barbara Boxer today!


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Al and George still make me want to Ralph. ~GWHunta

As you can see from the e-mail she sent me, Barbara Boxer thinks the world of Al Gore.

She has invited him to testify before the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee

Barbara Boxer chairs this committee and together with the help of Al Gore they are protecting the flow of progress

CO2 centric theory indeed.

Sometimes no Peace,

GWHunta @ 03/12/07 23:01:49

Dude, please don’t bump your shit to the forum. Spamming the site with the same shit over and over is bad enough, but if no one’s interested in bumping it to the forum, let it be. This is why shiftshapers posting style of posting new related items in the same thread is superior; it doesn’t shove the shit down everyone’s throat.

hera @ 03/12/07 23:05:47

Also, love Barbara Boxer.

hera @ 03/12/07 23:07:10

Did you follow the links? SOS I think not.

Sometimes no Peace,

GWHunta @ 03/12/07 23:34:10

I avoid links.

hera @ 03/12/07 23:53:54

That’s unfortunate. Then you’ll miss the point of this entire blog and my comments.

California is the second largest economy is the world. It has an absolutely huge agricultural base. Nowhere is the vested interest of keeping a lid on the true reasons for global warming bigger than in California.

Barbara Boxer is one of the state’s Senators.

She chairs the Environment and Public Works Committee.

Al Gore’s CO2 centric theory of global warming protects these many vested interests in California. Al Gore is testifying before this Senate Committee on the 21st of March at the invitation of Barbara Boxer.

If you went to the linked sites you’d get some idea of just how much of the California desert is now valuable farmland.

No land use transition has a bigger impact on the local, regional and global climate than transforming desert to irrigated cropland and California has over 500,000 acres of irrigated desert in just the Imperial District alone.

The solar energy converted to latent heat of this single district is a mean annual average output of one trillion BTU/hr. 24/7/365

That’s not the total sensible heat generated, that’s simply the latent heat of evapotranspiration of the IID.

Over 120 cubic meters of water per second on a mean annual average are evapostranspirated to the atmosphere every second.

Transforming the desert and exploiting the labor of Mexican migrants has made California agricultural industry absolutely huge.

You don’t get to be a Senator from a state as big as California without powerful friends, with vested interests.

If the true nature of global warming is understood by the public and action taken to mitigate it, California stands to lose more than any other state in the nation.

You might have also noticed the recent weather.

High temperature in March in the Imperial District of 95, low of 57.

George Herbert Walker Bush was playing golf yesterday in this region and spent the night in the hospital for dehydration from the mid-March heat.

When it comes to global warming these green valleys are indeed giants, but they are nothing to “Ho, Ho, Ho” about.


GWHunta @ 03/13/07 00:45:19

I avoid links.

I heard Bush only reads (newspaper) headlines.

dikweed @ 03/13/07 08:21:18

Try to open your minds to the fact that ExxonMobil is not the only vested interest spreading misinformation and sidetracking the global warming issue.

This should not come as a surprise to anyone.

“If you don’t turn on to politics, politics will turn on you.” ~Ralph Nader

GWHunta @ 03/13/07 09:17:33

I think we gave them enough rope, already. If you trust powerful Dems you might as well vote GOP These people gotta be learned asap

I don’t want no peace No I want Equal Rights and Justice -P. Tosh

johnnycivil @ 03/13/07 10:24:41

If you trust powerful Dems you might as well vote GOP


GWHunta @ 03/13/07 10:39:25

Today I am asking you to put yourselves in my shoes for a minute and do something we Senators do — co-sponsor a bill.

To be exact, I am asking you to be a citizen co-sponsor of the strongest global warming bill in the Senate — the Sanders/Boxer bill, S.309, which has twelve Senate sponsors so far.

By signing on as a citizen co-sponsor, you will help me show my colleagues in Congress — and all Americans — the kind of support that exists for ground-breaking legislation that will really fight global warming. Can I count on your support, right now?

Sign on as a citizen co-sponsor of the Sanders/Boxer global warming bill now!

Over the coming weeks, the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee will continue to hold hearings on legislative approaches to combat global warming.

An increase in temperature of just 2.2 degrees Fahrenheit from today’s levels could eventually mean widespread flooding of coastal areas in our country, Europe, Asia, and all over the globe. It also will mean more frequent extreme weather conditions like hurricanes, heat waves, and droughts, evidence of which we’re already starting to see. What’s more, global warming left unchecked could become a major cause of unrest and war, with hungry refugees adding to the nightmarish scenarios that come with water shortages, floods, food insecurity, and increased disease.

The time to act is now. As Al Gore has pointed out, global warming may be an inconvenient truth, but nonetheless it is the truth. Now we must do what Americans have always done when faced with a broad challenge — face it and act. And I say act with hope not fear.

Sign on as a citizen co-sponsor of the Sanders/Boxer bill now!

The Sanders/Boxer bill addresses the global warming challenge head-on. Sanders/Boxer is the only bill that will truly work economy-wide, and it’s been endorsed by a huge coalition of environmental organizations.

Here are just a few of the many critical things that our bill will do:

Reduce U.S. emissions to meet a worldwide greenhouse gas stabilization goal of 450 parts per million

Allow for a “cap and trade” program

Reduce greenhouse gas emissions from cars by 30% by 2016

Create a research & development program on global warming

Require utilities to generate or purchase an increasing amount of renewable energy Now we need to get moving. There are several alternative bills in the Senate, but none of them go as far as the Sanders/Boxer legislation does. So we need more Senate co-sponsors — and to do that, I need to get as many citizen co-sponsors (you and everyone you know!) to sign on.

One week before Earth Day, which comes on April 22nd, I will announce the number of citizen co-sponsors we have gathered, giving me a huge push forward as I approach my colleagues and enlist their support for Sanders/Boxer over the other measures.

As Chair of the Senate Environment Committee, I’ve been doing all I can through the hearing process to work with my colleagues on detailing the facts. But now it is up to all of us to keep the pressure on to pass the strongest, most effective global warming bill possible — and to ensure that this will be a major issue in the next presidential election.

By becoming a citizen co-sponsor you will be the wind at my back and give me the momentum I need to get more Senate sponsors for S.309. And that will keep this whole issue moving forward.

So please help. Sign on as a citizen co-sponsor of the Sanders/Boxer bill now!

Thank you for always being there for me.

In Friendship,

The always warm and fuzzy.“ Barbara Boxer U.S. Senator ~GWHunta

GWHunta @ 03/14/07 10:47:46

GW, I think you’re looking at the hole instead of the donut when it comes to Al Gore. What people in general know is that “green house gases” and “global warming” are a problem. Most people don’t get into it enough to grok CO2 or H2O. That global warming is becoming a concern and stimulating a great deal of debate and research is a good thing, no? Besides, carbon-based smokestacks spew a lot of other toxins besides CO2 and should be addressed for their own sake. So far, corporatism and globalism are seen by most as separate issues – it’s Monsanto pushing corn-based ethanol, and Monsanto is seen as a corporate bad guy anyway. What I’m trying to say is awareness that there is a global warming issue is important of itself.

I do agree that, if you’re right about the negligible role of CO2 in GW, then the agenda in pushing it could be ethanol or even nuclear interests. But there are other more pressing reasons to get off foreign oil – global warming is really not necessary. So I’m not really getting the motivation for the whole CO2 centric debate if it’s not a genuinely held belief – and I’m sure the public wouldn’t stir to eliminate big ag even if they did think that irrigation could be killing us.

Chickenma1 @ 03/14/07 17:07:17

then the agenda in pushing it could be ethanol or even nuclear interests







a_pretty_rainbow @ 03/14/07 18:00:53

lolz bump

a_pretty_rainbow @ 03/15/07 08:16:20

The lolz is your absolute denial of fact.

As for the IPCC and the media:

The media is in error when it states that,

“The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change –made up of thousands of scientists from around the world — reported earlier this month they are more certain than ever that humans are heating earth’s atmosphere through the burning of fossil fuels….” (see)

Are there really “thousands of scientists” who wrote this report? Hardly. The IPCC is actually led and written by just a few dozen scientists.

Not me, a real Climate Scientist.

GWHunta @ 03/15/07 08:54:38

Need another dose of what real climate scientists are saying about the IPCC report.

“The failure of the IPCC Report to broaden their perspective reinforces the conclusion that this document is intended to provide support for energy policy changes, rather than a comprehensive assessment of the role of humans within the climate system (e.g. see).

This also explains the outcries for major immediate energy policy changes in order to prevent catastrophic climate change in the next few years, if, as is likely, the real world climate observations deviate significantly from the model predictions.”

GWHunta @ 03/15/07 09:05:25

The only way for the real world conditions to meet the most dire of the predictions of climate models upon which the IPCC is making its predictions is to grow more biofuel.

GWHunta @ 03/15/07 09:29:16

GW, I think you’re looking at the hole instead of the donut when it comes to Al Gore.

So I’m not really getting the motivation for the whole CO2 centric debate if it’s not a genuinely held belief – and I’m sure the public wouldn’t stir to eliminate big ag even if they did think that irrigation could be killing us.


“Big Al” Gore is a politician. His message isn’t science, it is political.

So is his agenda, whether or not he seeks office.

Al and Tipper live in a 10,000 sq. foot mansion and don’t bother to dim the lights. “Big Al” doesn’t walk the walk, he flies around the globe, to talk the talk.

We aren’t talking Mahatma Gandhi here. This is “Big Al” Gorezilla.

As for furthering the debate on the causes of warming and advancing the study of the complexity of the issue, Al Gore has been on the forefront of the CO2 centric hypothesis since its inception and hasn’t looked back.

He made that point in An Inconvenient Truth.

Al Gore isn’t calling for more debate, his mind is made up and has been for some time.

He’s calling for political action. New and tougher legislation. Tougher on somebody, but I’m sure whatever comes down the pike isn’t going to change things for the Gore’s.

Does that mean he’s insincere? Look at his light bill.

Big agriculture will be with us for the foreseeable future.

But that doesn’t doom us to continuing the folly of greening the deserts.

Deserts are by definition one of the earth surfaces that contribute the least water vapor in terms of evapotranspiration. Though they heat quickly in full sun, they also radiate this heat out and cool relatively quickly once the sun is down.

Fresh produce year round is a luxury, one the planet can ill afford. The vegetables that are grown, for instance in Imperial County, could be grown in many other regions without the use of intensive irrigation and reduce the impact on the climate for the same agricultural output.

It may increase the cost of fresh wintertime produce, but frozen is just as healthy and eliminates actual need for year round production.

Greenhouses could be used to produce later in the season locally throughout the country and would provide needed employment in many regions across the country.

The reduced cost of transportation may even prove this practice to be cost effective in addition to reducing the environmental impact of growing produce in the desert.

Shifting from cotton to hemp for part of the nations fiber needs would also reduce the need for irrigation as cotton is a more water intensive crop.

No and low till planting methods also tend to limit the evaporation factor from the soil and reduce the surface albedo.

This list of things to soften the environmental blow of agriculture and reduce the use of irrigation is almost endless, but the process won’t begin until the cause of the warming is recognized and mitigation measures are more fully explored.

The best news is that the runaway train scenario commonly repeated these days in the media is simple not plausible, if the causes are recognized and addressed.

Though many of the scenarios described in the IPCC report are indeed likely, the doom and gloom of an environmental Armageddon envisioned by some is pure fantasy.

So long as we don’t stumble down the garden path with biofuels and try to replace oil with agricultural products as fuel and address the problem of population growth the resources are available to work through this problem.

Reforestation programs and allowing deserts to return to their natural state will mitigate much of our current impact and any reductions in the output of anthropogenic water vapor will have immediate and lasting impact in mitigating the current warming trend.


GWHunta @ 03/16/07 00:50:50

Must be the money.

GWHunta @ 03/16/07 09:19:04

Tomorrow, Vice President Al Gore will testify before the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee to urge Congress to take action to reduce global warming.

He’ll be the only witness to testify, so it should be quite an educational debate, “Big Al” and the voiceless Truth. ~GWHunta

This is the last chance for your friends and family to sign Al Gore’s thank you card before I give it to him tomorrow. So please take a moment to invite everyone you know to sign our card today.? ~Barbara Boxer

GWHunta @ 03/20/07 13:53:20

As a believer:

· that human-caused global warming is a moral, ethical, and spiritual issue affecting our survival;

· that home energy use is a key component of overall energy use;

· that reducing my fossil fuel-based home energy usage will lead to lower greenhouse gas emissions; and

· that leaders on moral issues should lead by example;

“I pledge to consume no more energy for use in my residence than the average American household by March 21, 2008.”

GWHunta @ 03/21/07 15:28:14

And she’s at it again, Barbara Boxer is requesting that you, yes you, help her to personally thank ‘Big Al’Gore, because no other has done more in the fight to ‘save the planet’.

GWHunta @ 10/18/07 08:44:31

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