Hey Zirk, Here’s the 911 Truth for Free

Asset B13459 Posted By GWHunta
Sun, 05 Mar 2006 13:48:11 -0600
What else you can do? Try and get beyond the specifics. What really scares me is that if you had every scrap of evidence that the $13 K would get you, you would actually spend your time analyzing and reviewing every detail. What a waste!
Not that 911 could or should be forgotten and it is great to know that there are folks out there holding the government’s feet to the fire. But the answers to the larger questions aren’t to be found in the NIST’s shoebox.
The government obviously allowed the destruction of the World Trade Center Complex. It was a natural and politically necessary step in the implementation of demand destruction and neoconservative policies globally.
The fact that Bldg. 7 was also destroyed that day and the story surrounding the building’s loss is still unknown to most Americans is all the evidence a reasonable person should need to support the media’s complicity in a government conspiracy.
Remember the Dotcom boom, bubble then bust.
It worked like this. In order to implement the Orwellian infringements on privacy that are now to become permanent with the re-authorization of the Patriot Act, likely in the next week or so, first there had to be the hardware and data storage capacity out there to log all the information now necessary to keep tabs on all of us.
Hence the Dotcom Boom.
All the while government policies to begin the data scoop are also building momentum, witness ECHILON, CALEA, ect…. Warehouses full of servers built without a genuine economic purpose or need, as the market continued to spiral upward with “irrational exuberance”. Artificially low interest rates, capital gains cuts and lower taxes on the already wealthy fueling the Dotcom bubble.
Then came the Dotcom Bust.
The oligarchy pulled the rug out and cashed in their winnings once GW’s tax cut policies went into effect leaving the average investor’s retirement plan and corporate pension funds holding the bag.
Labor Day 2001, we’ve got warehouses of servers with nothing to do, the rich have gotten richer, the NASDAQ is half of it’s former self and New York City is reeling from the loss of the wealth effect that the boom and bubble trading had previously been providing.
There is now a glut of commercial real estate and unneeded office space in New York City and rents are about to nose dive as leases begin to come up for renewal.
September 11th, 2001, two New York City zip codes disappear in an hour.
Within a couple weeks the Patriot Act is enacted and those warehouses full of servers are churning away, the repository of the growing database needed to maintain national security in this new “war on terror”.
Even better, the Pentagon that failed to protect even itself on September 11th has a new set of enemies and an air and ground war to fight.
The American public is mobilized against the Taliban and Osama and doesn’t even seem to notice that one of the greatest reallocations of wealth and power in the history of mankind has just been accomplished.
The American middle class was victimized and the ruling oligarchy and presiding government have not only gotten away with it, virtually unscathed, but public support is rising and flags are flying.
The momentum took us straight into the continuing occupations of Afghanistan and Iraq and anybody capable of reading a map can see that Iran is the next logical step.
It’s like this Zirk;
I once took Little White Hunta on a day trip to show him the way of the woods. I picked up a handful of deer droppings along the way and put them in my pocket. When later I showed them to him, I told him they were “Smart Pills”.
He looked skeptical, so I told him to feel one. He held it in his hand and said it looked like a deer dropping.
I assured him it was a “Smart Pill”. I asked him to smell it. He gave it a careful sniff and told me he still thought it was a deer dropping.
Again I assured him it was a “Smart Pill” and told him to be sure that he’d need to taste of it.
He did, became angry, threw the pellet at me and declared it was definitely a deer dropping.
I then told him that it had to have been a “Smart Pill” because it had worked, he had indeed become smarter with that single taste.
As for 911, if it looks, walks and quacks like a duck, it’s a duck.
You don’t need to do a DNA analysis.
As for venting your dismay with you’re government and society at large for complicity in perpetrating such a crime upon itself, do what I do.
Publicly post the death toll of the number of dead soldiers from the “war on terror”. I’ve got a sign in my yard I update daily.
Buy your gas 3 gallons or so at a time so that the total always comes to $9.11. Use your credit or debit card so that amount is printed up and down your statements and your attitude gets into the “know your customer” database.
Let them know you haven’t forgotten and you’re not about to buy into “the company line”.
But most importantly try to anticipate and fight to mitigate the next big scam, cause this one’s a done deal.
There is no answer waiting to be found on some special leaf hanging on some hidden branch.
The answers are to be found by stepping back from the trees to see the forest.
The terrorist attacks on September 11th were preventable. The people who died were sacrificed because those responsible for their protection were pursuing the goals of a much broader agenda and the 911 victims and the Trade Center Complex were deemed an acceptable loss in the larger scheme of things.
If this weren’t true, heads would have rolled.
Somebody would have been held accountable, not re-elected.
The American oligarchies are barbarians. They always have been. Those with the gold, make, break and enforce the rules.
What has changed and is changing are the “means and methods” used in how they continue to accomplish this feat.
Spend some time analyzing that.
4 years ago

Yeah, zirkonyx.
The 9/11 truth movement is stronger, more visible and closer than ever to probably publicly exposing on an undeniably massive scale, some of the main, apparent true perpetrators of the 9/11 attacks. So now is the perfect time to stop the fight and completely give up in this long and hard fought battle.
Just start buying your fuel in amounts totalling $9.11 That’ll show them!
lol Fuck this stupid bullshit that GWHunta wrote.
– Ø®£Z
4 years ago

As an internet poster recently said, ”911 is a naked con any Girl Scout with a web connection could bust wide open over a weekend and still have time for a bake off. ”
Is the jury really still deliberating after what now, nearly 52 months?
Where you going to prosecute “apparent true perpetrators of the 9/11 attacks”?
Nobody was so much as fired.
Your either with them or against them.
Let’em know where you stand and move on.
You might read my thoughts regarding:
That’s an idea who’s time is past due.
4 years ago

As an internet poster recently said, “911 is a naked con any Girl Scout with a web connection could bust wide open over a weekend and still have time for a bake off.”
That’s one of the more idiotic comments I’ve seen. Bravo!
4 years ago

My paranoid schizophrenic sister, rest her soul, who took a dive head first out a third story window shortly after 9/11, used to say, “The solutions of today are the problems of tomorrow.” So far we have been led expertly down the path of one solution after the next leading us inextricably towards the Orwellian New World (ONW rather than NWO).
First, the solution for the hanging chad debacle was the diebold machine.
Next, the solution for torture was the McCain bill.
Third, the solution for illegal spying was a new law legalizing it (same as torture solution).
In California, our broke economy is going to pony up much tax-payer debt to “fix” our levies, – the Katrina solution – which money will go to line Halliburton’s or equivalent’s pocket without much improvement, I fear, to the levies.
Et cetera.
Because of all that, this international court thing gives me the willies. The fox is guarding the hen-house.
4 years ago

As an internet poster recently said
As another internet poster recently said, “your hawt, do you have any nakid picters of your sister?”
4 years ago

That was weird, Fennec, was that directed at me?
4 years ago

If anyone gets a chance check out the site http://www.almartinraw.com this guy has some story.
The Bush family and their cartel has been setting this up since the forties….their partenerships with the Nazi party through Iran Contra up to them selling off america piece by piece.
Hunta is right on pt
4 years ago

We can dwell on the crimes of the past, express outrage and dismay at the crimes of the present or band together to anticipate and prevent the crimes of the future.
You can read history or you can write it.
If you wait for the “proof” they’ll have your pudding.
I leave you all with this final thought to contemplate:
We’ve got 24/7 TV, radio, even cell phone news, google and the blogoshpere.
When’s the last time you read, saw or wrote an article about “the war on organized crime”.
If the “war” is over…….
4 years ago

4 years ago

The Emperor Has No Clothes.
4 years ago

LOL, that’s a good one G. I’m gonna have to blog this.
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4 years ago

Update. April 4th, 2006 Spent part of my Monday morning getting my debit card re-activated. Buying gas 3 gallons / $9.11 at a time aroused the suspicions of the good folks in charge of security at MasterCard this past week and prompted a shutdown of my debit card because of “suspicious activity”. I guess they just need to get to better “know their customer”.
3 years ago

3 years ago

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3 years ago

3 years ago

But most importantly try to anticipate and fight to mitigate the next big scam, cause this one’s a done deal.
Seem familiar somehow?
Click the pic.
Here we go again. Over 90 troops lost in the last 30 days and the build up for Iran continues. Saturday the U.N. Security Council passed a sanctions resolution sure to widen the divide.
Post Modified: 12/25/06 10:23:31
3 years ago

Merry Christmas?
Post Modified: 12/25/06 10:24:51
3 years ago

_The momentum took us straight into the continuing occupations of Afghanistan and Iraq _
Damn US, UN and NATO, occupied Afghanistan against the will of the Taliban.
3 years ago

113 U.S. troops lost in December, 2006
33 in the past week.
Happy New Year?
2 years ago

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2 years ago

I missed this one ‘til now…though in case you hadn’t noticed, i rarely post stuff about 9/11. I’ve made my statement, learned most of what you communicated to me (& others) in you gruff but elegant blog about the dangers of wasting time on details. I appreciate the thoughts which you penned here; they are a valuable set of concepts for many who have encountered the 9/11 information…
2 years ago

Thanks zirkonyx.
I’d read a bit of your work and this is one of my earliest blogs. The sentiments expressed are a bit gruff and though I used your pseudonym in the title and pointed to your article as an example, the criticisms were meant to be general and the blog wasn’t intended to be a personal critique of you or your work here, which I have found since to be very interesting and educational.
I’ve personally invested a great deal of time and energy on the overall issue of 9/11 and examination of the many of various arguments, explanations and investigations of the available evidence and at times have had to remind myself of the necessity of pulling back and taking an overview and trying to keep the issue in proper perspective and context.
Post Modified: 11/28/07 21:12:35
2 years ago

2 years ago

You must have burned that $9.11 just turning over that big Cadillac, hey Hunta? What kind of gas mileage you get from that big hunk of status symbol?
Post Modified: 05/10/08 09:20:14
2 years ago

27 mpg highway, 20-22 around town. Twice as good as my F-150 4 wheel drive.
Today I’ll be rocking my 1989 Honda PC-800 for mileage in the 40’s.
The fuel economy of that era Cadillac was one of the best kept secrets of the wealthy.
I picked it up used for $2,200 over 100,000 miles ago and the only downfall is paying for premium in order to maintain sufficient octane to prevent spark knock in the relatively high compression engine.
The high compression ratio and advanced computer controlled fuel injection is the secret to the performance and fuel economy.
2 months ago

Watched a movie recently that reminded me of the events leading up to, through and following the attacks of September 11th, 2001.
The film has within its plot a re-creation of the Bombing of Darwin, which was an even more incredible “surprise” attack by the Japanese navy on, of course Darwin, Australia.
The story shares some of the same excuses for not anticipating and being caught unprepared for aerial attack as were used in the aftermath of Pearl Harbor.
Main difference was that Australia was already at war with the Japanese prior to the attack.
Sometimes no Peace
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12 Responses to Hey Zirk, Here’s the 911 Truth for Free

  1. gwhunta says:

    Freedom is the right to tell people what they do not want to hear.
    ~George Orwell

  2. gwhunta says:

    Lastly, watch this video of the WTC 7 collapse.

    What prompted this person to move towards the window and start zooming for the base of the building just prior to it beginning it’s collapse?

    Answer: http://www.ae911truth.net/wtc7/WTC7-eyewitness-2-PFC.wmv

  3. GWHunta says:

    Does the Romney/Ryan tax cut/plan end the Earned Income Tax Credit for the working poor?

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