Holiday Greetings from GWHunta


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Dear Senator Levin:

In December 2001, I found myself among the fortunate 300,000 or so that have received a Holiday Greetings Card from the Bush White House.

I was surprised to find myself on this list, considering that I am not, nor ever have been a member or supporter of the Republican party, or of George W. Bush. (or his father George H. W. Bush for that matter)

Quite the contrary.

In fact I have been a vocal opponent of the overall neo-conservative agenda and of Republican policies generally on the Local, State and Federal levels.

I was particularly active and outspoken during the period following the September 11th disaster and subsequent invasion of Afghanistan, as the general public rallied around the flag and the Patriot Act was rushed through the Congress, with little if any deliberation and was signed into law by President Bush.

As a bit of a side note, thinking back to the occurrences of this fast and furious period, particularly the anthrax incidents and the security measures now in place that have become necessary to protect Congress from repeated attacks.

These security measures now hinder the paper mail, while electronic mail and facsimile have become the most expedient and efficient way for the citizenry to communicate with their representatives in Congress.

At the same time the technological capability to monitor, and or otherwise interfere with these electronic forms of communications has greatly increased and is now physically available to the Executive Branch.

What or is not legal, moral or ethical seems to be a matter of individual conscience for the President and those who serve him, the end justifying the means, since the country is indeed at war.

The White House seems to have risen above the Constitution and the Rule of Law, while the President seems to harbor open disdain for the checks and balances Constitutionally required of Congress and the Judiciary for that matter.

I’ve followed your activities of late in the Senate, and it seems as well that the Senate majority has also given themselves an unprecedented bit of leeway regarding an open disregard of the Rules of the Senate.

Anyway, back to topic.

It was an even greater surprise the following December when yet another Holiday Greeting Card arrived from the White House, when I noticed it bore an individual postage stamp and was postmarked Crawford, TX and not mass mailed from Washington, D.C. as had the card I’d received the previous year.

During this period of obvious run up to the invasion and occupation of Iraq, I was even more adamantly opposed to the neo-conservative agenda than I had been previously and was of a similar mind and in general agreement with the opinions of Scott Ritter regarding the questions surrounding WMD’s, or better stated, the lack thereof and how this issue should be dealt with in Iraq.

After the passing of the first several months of the war, when WMD’s were neither used nor found, I returned this Holiday Greeting Card unopened to the White House certified mail along with some other documents and a short message to the White House regarding the Holiday Greeting Card I’d returned.

Please continue your brave fight to reign in the excesses of this Administration and the Republican majority in Congress.

I see that ANWAR (being opened for oil development) is no longer a military appropriations issue, congratulations in that regard.

I leave you with the following question to contemplate:

“Could it be that people who are willing to forfeit liberty so easily do not actually deserve it?”

Excerpt from The Road to Serfdom by Nebojsa Malic

Holiday Greetings,
The Roberts Family

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GWHunta @ 12/24/08 00:09:55

2 Responses to Holiday Greetings from GWHunta

  1. Wade Paul Roberts says:

    “Hallmark printed a record 870,000 presidential Christmas cards and 4,500 gift prints featuring the same design.”

    I stand corrected.
    Wade Roberts
    aka GWHunta

  2. Wade Paul Roberts says:

    3:33pm EST

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