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From: Wade Roberts (
Sent: Tue 5/13/08 5:29 PM
To: Chief Angeli (; Lt. Warchock (

Dear Chief Angeli:

I appreciate your inquiring Sunday as to whether or not I had re-contacted Detective Warchock and our very brief conversation that followed.

As I told you then, Detective Warchock asked me after calling him on Friday, May 9th to give him another call on Monday morning around 10, which I did and he was kind enough, after learning that my wife and I were already in Marquette, to meet with us briefly before lunchtime Monday.

I was disappointed however, by his refusal to accept the first post-surgical X-rays that I have been able to get copies of, as evidence of Crag Coccia’s intent regarding the outcome of my surgical treatment on November 21st, 2000.

Lt. Warchock did explain his reasons for doing so, which have some validity, primarily that he was not yet committed at that time to opening a case officially, at least until after we meet again, tentatively this coming Thursday.

My argument is that an examination and assessment of these post surgical X-ray films, preferably performed by a forensic radiologist, will be the very basis of any case against Craig Coccia and that this report will explain what was done surgically and demonstrate definitively a malicious intent, not simply negligence on the part of Craig Coccia.

These films, dated December 11th, 2000, were done at Helen Joy Newberry Hospital, during the only appointment Dr. Coccia ever scheduled for me outside of Marquette, are the first post surgical films of my cervical spine currently available to me.

Helen Joy Newberry Hospital 12/11/00

My medical record indicates that there were three occasions during and likely immediately after the surgery that X-rays were done, but I have to date only been able to view and obtain a copy of the initial intra-operative X-ray that was done to insure proper identification of the precise location of a metal marker placed to determine at what level of my cervical spine surgery was being performed at.

The X-rays done later during and likely upon completion of the surgery have, to the best of my knowledge, gone missing since at least January of 2001.

The films I wish to submit as evidence demonstrate that a horizontal cut was deliberately made anteriorly into the C-7 vertebrae and subsequent to making this cut, screws were then placed just below this cut that were to temporarily hold the plate in place. The saw tool Craig Coccia used to make this deliberate and extremely skillful cut, nearly taking off the top third of my C-7 vertebrae, had no other purpose in the cervical aspect of this surgery and no business whatsoever being anywhere near my cervical spine.

While Craig Coccia admits stripping the screws he placed into the C-6 vertebrae, which is of course conceivably accidental, he claims as well to have replaced them with “rescue screws” afterward to correct this dangerous defect.

I have personally investigated the difference between the standard screws that were actually used to fasten this plate to my cervical spine and the “rescue screws” Craig Coccia’s procedure report claims he installed after stripping the initial set.

They, the “rescue screws” are of course of a larger thread diameter than the standard screw in order to obtain what is referred to as “purchase” into the bone and hold fast.

The eight screws that today hold my plate in place are identical.

There is no better direct evidence of intent available to prove this case than these X-rays, with the possible exception of those done during and just after the surgery would have been completed, though these films are now either in an alternate file somewhere and remain unavailable to me or have since been destroyed.

With the carefully placed cut in the C-7 vertebrae, that couldn’t have possibly been anything but intentional for reasons mentioned previously, and the C-7 screws placed only a few millimeters from this cut, coupled with the stripped screws in the C-6 vertebrae that were obviously not replaced with rescue screws as reported, it is no small miracle that this construct held, as it was deliberately designed to fail.

The surgery was performed and the plate placed while my cervical spine was under traction, provided by the use of Gardner Wells tongs.

This deliberately shoddy construct was quite reasonably calculated to fail once it had to support the full weight and accompanying stresses of supporting my head during recovery. There is also a matter of damage done to my right lung from the area of the incision that is identifiable in MRI films done post-surgically.

I could elaborate further on the actual reasons Craig Coccia decided to involve the previously healthy C-7/ T-1 level in this surgery in order to build this shoddy construct of my cervical spine, that couldn’t have possibly been expected to hold, but won’t at this time.

The bottom line is that a forensic radiological examination of these films will be essential to proving this case and can provide Lt. Warchock with the direct evidence necessary to demonstrate malicious intent on the part of Craig Coccia.

Refusing to accept and have these films properly examined equates to turning a blind eye.

Without this evidence there is little else to demonstrate any malicious intent, with of course the exception of the false statement Craig Coccia made in a letter to Paul Tomasi, Assistant Counsel to the Attorney General of the State of Michigan, regarding his assessment of the outcome of my first cervical spine surgery.

This surgery was done at the Mayo Clinic in November of 1997 and Craig Coccia’s letter was drafted to augment the State’s case against my claim for Worker’s Compensation.

To revisit the issue of any personal reasons or grievances that Craig Coccia may have had for doing what he did to me, the only problem I know of that I caused for him was the loss of scheduled surgical time when I canceled a surgery that had been scheduled for October 12th, 2000 without sufficient notice to either Marquette General or Northern Neurosurgery to schedule an alternative surgery for Craig Coccia’s time that day in the O.R. at MGH.

We of course never spoke of this, because I didn’t see him again from the time the October 12th, 2000 surgery was being scheduled until after the surgery in question that was performed on November 21st, 2000.

My Worker’s Comp case against the Michigan Department of Corrections/State of Michigan was settled on November 1st, 2000 and it was only then that I felt safe to proceed with the surgery that has since left me “reasonably disabled.”

Wade Roberts

terrible bad average good great


Re: Intent©
Sent: Wed 5/14/08 1:49 PM
To: Wade Roberts (

Dear Mr. Roberts,

I have read through your email and am concerned in regards to your comment of my turning a blind eye in regards to this case.

I explained to you at the time you handed me the x-rays that I wanted to speak with you at length about your case and that I would accept these x-rays when and if I opened an official investigation.

I am not turning a blind eye.

I have spoke to the prosecutors office and requested a prosecutor to join us when we have our meeting.

I felt it was important that they be present to hear what you had to say and see the information you possess.

In doing so Prosecutor Matt Wiese has offered to sit in with us on Wednesday May 21st at 1:00pm.

I know we talked about meeting Thursday the 22nd but this was the best time for Prosecutor Wiese to meet with us do to court schedules.

If this date and time does not work for you, I know you have a lot going on, please let me know and I will schedule another date and time.

Thank you, Det/Lt. Gordon J. Warchock

GWHunta @ 05/17/08 05:33:00

This single photograph of the initial X-ray taken post-surgery proves the intent of the surgeon, Craig T. Coccia. I entered the full photograph posted above into evidence yesterday in a $600,000 + punitive damages civil suit, that doesn’t look as though it’ll have a chance to go anywhere.

Not only did Coccia not properly remove the disks between the vertebrae and place proper grafts, he cut into the C7 vertebra just a fraction of an inch from where he then placed the screws that fasten the plate. In the C6 vertebra above he stripped both the screws, hence the haphazard alignment at that level.

These were allegedly replaced with “rescue screws” according to the surgeon’s procedure report concocted nearly three weeks after the fact. I recently found a parts catalog from Codman, the manufacturer of this hardware and according to them the difference is in the diameter of the screws, but those in my neck are all identical.

The plate was fastened while my neck was in extreme traction rather than the normal mild traction generally used on the neck in the normal anterior approach.

It was no small miracle that it held and didn’t simply buckle. When I resumed consciousness in the recovery room, one of those attending to me asked me immediately to try and sit up. When I did a nurse from across the room came over freaked out that I had just had surgery and shouldn’t be trying to move, let alone sit up and the male that had prompted me to do so looked at me like I was Lazarus.

Sometimes no Peace

GWHunta @ 05/17/08 09:20:58

I’m glad this is moving along for you, GW. Having the prosecutor at the meeting can only help.

Good luck, man…

Truthcansuk @ 05/17/08 09:23:33

Best wishes GW

5ym1ngt0n @ 05/17/08 09:52:07

Thanks. It’s not going as well as you might think.

Lt. Warchock’s outright refusal to accept the films into evidence or make arrangements to have them examined on the 12th of May and his reservations regarding opening an “official” investigation doesn’t bode well for me.

Calling the PA’s office and arranging for an attorney to participate in an interview of the accuser, without accepting any evidence of wrongdoing or even opening a file on the accused, indicates to me that the current focus of the actions of Lt. Warchock of the Marquette City Police Department are focused on further investigating and/or deterring the accuser, not the accused.

Sometimes no Peace

GWHunta @ 05/20/08 09:28:19
GWHunta @ 05/22/08 17:40:16

5 – interesting.

BGD1978 @ 10/31/08 04:16:31

39 Responses to Intent©

  1. gwhunta says:

    Ask Mike Flowers.

  2. gwhunta says:

    Or maybe even better…….

    MARQUETTE MI 49855


    March 2nd, 1998

    (I got fired, Lou retired.)

    Lou knows who was pulling the strings at Alger Max back then, (Mayo surgery and aftermath, including my politically motivated internment at MGH) and should yield some insight on Coccia’s intent in the MGH OR in November 2000.

    Sometimes no Peace

  3. Wade Roberts says:

    March 28th, 2013 Peninsula Medical Center Fire

    From: Wade Roberts
    Date: Thu, Oct 3, 2013 at 8:39 PM
    To: Adelle Whitefoot , Mike Angeli ,,,,,,,

    Dear Adelle:

    While following this story do you know if anyone ever asked and/or presented any type of explanation as to why the lights were left on in a secure records storage room, during non-business hours when nobody authorized to access these medical archives should have been working?

    I have a personal interest as some of my archived medical records and X-ray films chronically the details of my treatment for a cervical spine condition may have been lost or damaged in the incident. Specifically my records from Northern Neurosurgery Group, P.C. where I was initially seen by Richard R. Rovin, M.D., F.A.C.S. and later Craig T. Coccia, M.D.; who performed a very unconventional and unnecessarily damaging cervical spine surgery on me November 21st, 2000 at Marquette General Hospital that has left me disabled and unable to work since.

    This was not the first cervical spine surgery that had been done in a unconventional and deceptive manner. I was evaluated and operated on through the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN at the St. Mary’s Hospital on 11/12/1997.

    I was also seen, evaluated and had additional radiology done and had outside films evaluated at what is now the U.P. Medical Center prior to, between and after both of these surgeries by Mathew N. Songer, M.D. at what is now known as the Orthopedic Surgery Advanced Center for Orthopedics.

    Wade P. Roberts

    provisions of this act; to provide laws relative to the rights of persons accused of criminal offenses and ordinance … EFFECTIVE DATE: March 28, 2013

    FYI: This Post was updated by Wade Roberts on 10/11/13

  4. Wade Roberts says:

    Quoting MCL 767.24 Indictments; finding and filing; limitations.
    (1) An indictment for murder, conspiracy to commit murder, solicitation to commit murder, criminal sexual conduct in the first degree, or a violation of the Michigan anti-terrorism act, chapter LXXXIII-A of the Michigan penal code, 1931 PA 328, MCL 750.543a to 750.543z, or a violation of chapter XXXIII of the Michigan penal code, 1931 PA 328, MCL 750.200 to 750.212a, that is punishable by life imprisonment may be found and filed at any time.

  5. GWHunta says:

    Date: Wed, Oct 9, 2013 at 4:09 PM
    To: Wade Roberts

    Hello Mr. Roberts,

    Sorry I have not responded to your emails or Facebook requests sooner. It has been awhile since we have spoken but I am still familiar with your case and am sorry to read that you still are struggling with health issues. I hope that someday you will find relief for your condition. With that being said, I am requesting that you remove myself and Chief Angeli from your email list and your requests for connection on our Facebook pages to stop. As I said before, The Marquette Police do not see your situation as a criminal complaint and therefore will not be opening a case. Also, the statue of limitations would probably prevent the Marquette County Prosecutors Office from filing charges on anything we would bring to them. I hope you do find a solution to your health problems so you can live a pain free and happy existence but the Marquette Police are not an avenue for that remedy and again advise to stop with your emails and Facebook requests.

    Gordon J. Warchock
    Detective Captain
    Marquette Police Department

    300 W. Baraga
    Marquette Mi 49855


  6. GWHunta says:

    3 weeks after accepting a settlement of $34,900.00 with no interruptions or offsets in my LTD benefits, Craig T. Coccia did this to me at Marquette General Hospital.

    November 22nd, 2000

    Less than 8 months later Governor Engler did this for Craig T. Coccia.

  7. GWHunta says:

    noun: conspiracy; plural noun: conspiracies

    a secret plan by a group to do something unlawful or harmful.
    “a conspiracy to destroy the government”
    synonyms: plot, scheme, plan, machination, ploy, trick, ruse, subterfuge; More

  8. Wade Roberts says:

    Detective Captain Gordon Warchock retires from Marquette Police Dept.
    MARQUETTE — Friday was Detective Captain Gordie Warchock’s last day with the Marquette City Police Department, before heading into retirement.

  9. Wade Roberts says:

    Michigan’s 109th District House Democratic State Representative John Kivela kicked off his reelection campaign in Marquette on Friday.

  10. Wade Roberts says:

    Wade Roberts
    May 27, 2008
    Detective Warchock:

    I contacted Marquette General’s Radiology Department once again on, May 19th, 2008, by telephone, regarding the x-rays that were reportedly done during the surgery.

    As I told you during our meeting on the 12th of May, 2008, the MGH Intraoperative Nursing Report indicates that there were three occasions that x-rays were done in the operating room. (This report is not part of the attached file, but will be made available to you.)

    The MGH radiology department has again informed me that they have only two of what were reportedly three of these x-rays done during the surgery.

    The first x-ray was reportedly done at 10:03 am and the second at 10:30 am, both relatively early in the operation and done to insure placement of markers at the proper levels of the cervical spine for identification of the areas to be operated upon.

    The report that goes with these x-rays is on page 9 of the attached PDF file.

    The issue of whether or not rescue screws were actually placed as stated is also fundamental to determining Craig Coccia’s intent regarding his actions during this operation.

    It has been determined that the screws that secure the plate are all eight of identical diameters. This was determined using the measuring utilities available on the computer viewing programs that come standard with the CT and MRI viewers on CDROM, that contain the images of the several scans that have been done postoperatively. “Rescue screws,” which are used to replace any screws that might be stripped when being tightened are of course of a larger diameter than the screws they replace in order to obtain “purchase” and tighten into the stripped hole in the vertebrae.

    While Craig Coccia’s operative report (pgs. 12,13,14), dictated 12/10/00, a single day before the 12/11/00 x-rays were done in Newberry, indicates bone grafts were placed at three levels, there is no mention of bone grafts in the radiology report the following day. Instead this report indicated the placement of bone chips, which were the remnants of Craig Coccia’s dissection and inspection. The lack of any signs of calcification was also noted, which indicates no fusing of any sort taking place in these initial postoperative weeks.

    If you read through all these radiology reports and compare them with the office notes, you’ll find the only mention of bone grafts are made by Craig Coccia.

    None of the radiologists make any reference to bone grafts whatsoever, or the incorporation thereof in any of their reports.

    This is because there were no proper bone grafts placed during this surgery

    On page 4 of this attachment are the office notes from 09/13/00. It was on this date that I brought with me the x-ray films from the Mayo Clinic and showed Craig Coccia the results of the previous fraudulent surgery that had been done on me on 11/12/97. My wife and I explained to him some of what had happened there and of the resulting harm it had caused our family.

    Craig Coccia then assured us both that he was fully capable of correcting the psuedoarthrosis and fusing C5,C6 and C7 and though he couldn’t guarantee I’d be pain free, because of damage already done to my nerves after being compromised for so long, he was certain he’d have no problem correcting the reverse lordosis of my cervical spine that had been caused by the injury and subsequent improper surgery.

    He went on to state as well, that although he empathized with us regarding what had been done, that he wasn’t willing or able to become involved in the ongoing worker’s compensation case as either direct witness or make any statements regarding the surgical results.

    Following the cancellation of the surgery scheduled for October 12th, 2000, Craig Coccia drafted the letter on page 6 of this attachment to Paul Tomasi, Special Assistant Attorney General, employed by Jennifer Granholm to handle my worker’s comp case, who answered as well to Mike Flowers of Accident Fund, a wholly owned subsidiary of Blue Cross Blue Shield of MI.

    After reviewing the post surgical x-ray films from the Mayo Clinic with my wife and I on the 13th of September, 2000 and knowing that no proper graft had been placed between C6 and C7 during this surgery, Craig Coccia went on to repeat the statements he had also placed in his office notes for August 30th, 2000 in this letter, knowing that this letter would later be used by Mr. Tomasi to defend the actions of the MI Department of Corrections, the Accident Fund and the Mayo Clinic in my case against the State for worker’s compensation.

    In a previous series of e-mails between us under the heading Intent, I made mention that the cancellation on short notice of this surgery that had been scheduled for October 12th, 2000 was the only instance that I could think of that I had done anything that would have been personally upsetting to Craig Coccia, that may have impacted his decision to do me harm in the operating room on November 21st, 2000.

    While this may hold for Craig Coccia, Mike Flowers on the other hand might have also played a critical role in my surgical plan and outcome as well and had a part in persuading Craig Coccia to do what he did in the MGH O.R. that day.

    The evidence for this is clearly circumstantial, in the form of a page of my MGH records that wasn’t made available to me when I originally requested a copy of my records for this surgery back in 2001. I obtained a second set of my records for this surgery in April of 2007, just after a scheduled Court date and a considerable delay on the part of MGH records department. I had been told my records were not immediately available as they’d been sent downstate for scanning into electronic format and were then to be destroyed. I requested at that time they be preserved, because of alterations of these documents that were done after they’d been entered into the record originally, that would no longer be apparent in an electronic format, though these alterations are readily apparent in paper and ink.

    Anyway, the original request in 2001 yielded 70 pages and the 2007 request yielded 76. Some of the difference being the inclusion of requests for records and releases, however one of the documents that was not included in the 2001 request, a presurgical checklist, dated November 8th, 2000, some eight days after my compensation case was settled, has the name of Mike Flowers on it under the line where an insurance policy number was to be filled in.

    This is unexpected for several reasons, the most important being that Accident Fund had denied all medical and other benefits for my injury on 12/17/94 with the exception of my original E.R. visit to Munising Memorial on the DOI.

    All my medical was being covered by BCBS of MI, not the Accident Fund.

    Even in Accident Fund had been covering my medical, which they had not, Mike Flowers was personally well aware that on the 1st of November, 2000, that my case was settled, as Mr. Tomasi and I were negotiating the settlement, it was Mike Flowers to whom Mr. Tomasi was speaking with by telephone to approve the amount as we prepared to otherwise proceed to trial of my case in the State Building in Escanaba, MI on 11/01/00.

    This information should have never been a part of my MGH record and certainly should not have been withheld from me in the aftermath of what had happened.

    As for the matter of Mike Flowers’ intent and what might have motivated him to wish harm upon me, beginning around October 1st of 2000 as my trial loomed ahead and negotiations has stalled, I contact my State Representative, Mike Prusi and State senator Walter North regarding what had been done to me and my grievances with how my case was being handled and unnecessarily delayed.

    When this yielded only limited results, I e-mailed the entire State Legislature, officials of the MDOC, the Governor’s office and of course the Accident Fund
    several e-mails with pertinent information regarding my case, drawn mainly from a website I had published on the web, under the heading Ask Mike Flowers.

    It was the reaction I was subsequently informed that this e-mail campaign had provoked that was the primary reason I cancelled the surgery scheduled for October 12th, 2000 and decided to postpone any further medical treatment until resolution of my worker’s compensation case.

    I’m not bringing this up for the purpose of broadening any investigation you initiate as these circumstantial factors are all well beyond the jurisdiction of the Marquette City Police Department, but feel it important to substantiate the allegations of a conspiracy of individuals beyond simply Craig Coccia that we, my wife and I, were attempting to explain to you on May the 12th, 2008.

    I will e-mail you as well my entire MGH hospital record in Adobe PDF format, the 2007 version that includes the aforementioned missing page.

    I should also have a copy in PDF format of at least one of the Ask Mike Flowers e-mails from the period of time in question leading up to this surgery and will e-mail you a copy of that as well.

    Wade Roberts

  11. GWHunta says:

    To the TOP…….To the TOP.......

  12. GWHunta says:

    I am not turning a blind eye.

    I have spoke to the prosecutors office and requested a prosecutor to join us when we have our meeting.

    I felt it was important that they be present to hear what you had to say and see the information you possess.

    In doing so Prosecutor Matt Wiese has offered to sit in with us on Wednesday May 21st at 1:00pm.
    One eyed man.......
    I know we talked about meeting Thursday the 22nd but this was the best time for Prosecutor Wiese to meet with us do to court schedules.

    If this date and time does not work for you, I know you have a lot going on, please let me know and I will schedule another date and time.

    Thank you, Det/Lt. Gordon J. Warchock
    Nasty Weather

  13. Wade Roberts says:

    Lake Superior and Lake Michigan now 6 degrees colder than last year; How will that affect Michigan’s winter? If these cooler than normal conditions continue into November, it could mean an earlier freeze and less lake effect snowfall resulting in colder ground temperatures and deeper frost than we experienced last winter, that resulted in millions of dollars of additional damage to highways, roads and streets as well as other public works.

  14. GWHunta says:

    GWHunta remains out in the cold.

    Sometimes no Piece

  15. GWHunta says:

    LANSING, MI — Michigan state Rep. John Kivela, D-Marquette, was arrested late Monday near Lansing for driving under the influence of alcohol, according to a statement released on his behalf.

    “I am truly sorry to my wife, family and constituents for letting them down,” Kivela said. “I have battled with alcoholism for most of my adult life. My dependence on alcohol has become a problem, and I plan to seek treatment immediately.”

    Details of the arrest are not known, but Kivela was booked and released from the Clinton County jail, according to a sergeant.

    Undersheriff Larry Jerue said he could neither confirm nor deny any arrest until arraignment, which is unlikely to happen until Nov. 19.

    Kivela was not at session Tuesday, and a House Democratic spokesperson referred reporters to his statement.

    Kivela is in his second term in the Michigan House, where he represents an Upper Peninsula district. He served as mayor of Marquette before joining the state Legislature in 2013.

    Jonathan Oosting is a Capitol reporter for MLive Media Group., find him on Facebook or follow him on Twitter.

  16. Wade Roberts says: – Brandon Hall is a lifelong political nerd from Grand Haven, and is the Managing Editor of West Michigan Politics.

    Contact Paul Egan: 517-372-8660 or
    Follow him on Twitter @paulegan4.
    (517) 371-3660

    Andrew Lorinser

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