Jack Kevorkian’s Lawyer for Michigan Attorney General in 2006

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Geoffrey Fieger is an American attorney.



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Based out of Michigan, he represented Dr. Jack Kevorkian in his doctor-assisted murder trial, and later ran unsuccessfully as the Democratic nominee for governor of Michigan in 1998.

Most recently he appeared as one of the attorneys on the reality TV show Power of Attorney. He is also in the works to start another reality show, Fieger and Associates.

…on the issue of entertainment, does anybody remember the movie the Devil’s Advocate where Al Pacino starred as the devil in an effort to take over the world with lawyers as “the new priesthood”.

Can you say “prophetic”?

Geoffrey Fieger
Trial Practice Institute

Attorney Geoffrey N. Fieger has made a gift of $4 million to Michigan State University-Detroit College of Law (MSU-DCL) to initiate and sustain the Geoffrey Fieger Trial Practice Institute.

The Geoffrey Fieger Trial Practice Institute is for students who have a strong desire to be trial practitioners and want to learn what it takes to win in the courtroom.

The nation’s first trial practice institute for law students provides selected MSU College of Law students with the experience, skills, and knowledge to become outstanding trial attorneys.

The Geoffrey Fieger Trial Practice Institute offers a unique way to blend education with skill, theory with application, and the classroom with the courtroom. Graduates will enter the job market with clear evidence that they have experience being lawyers, ready to help clients through their litigation.

…hmm, MSU, that rings a bell isn’t that where…Justice Corrigan is President of the American Inns of Court at MSU Law School.

Complete Interview

TRIUMPH: During the 1998 Gubernatorial race I had the opportunity to interview Governor Engler. I asked him if he was concerned about you becoming Governor of Michigan. He responded: “I am not the least bit concerned with Mr. Fieger winning this election. He has the most self-destructive personality I have ever seen. I don’t have to beat him, he will beat himself.” Do you think that you, your personality was the main reason you lost the election?

FIEGER: My only comment on that would be… consider the source. He’s a racist. He says nothing and then goes behind the backs of people and work for his corporate and fat-cat sponsors who promote him. Today in politics you need duplicitous under-handed, fairly stupid, crook-like people like John Engler running because he doesn’t say anything. He says nothing. Primarily he is rather stupid. Then you get what you get. Okay? But I am certain that there is a place for the truth. The truth eventually will be spoken. I am sure they probably would have said that about Martin Luther King.
I wouldn’t listen to anything John Engler says because he is a racist, hate-mongering commercial trying to define me. They say that about anybody who isn’t a part of their status quo and that is how they try to define you. I have no excuses or explanations. This is who I am and what I am. This is the way I will always be.

…Now on that tip, he wasn’t lying, if you any doubt about what I’ve implied regarding the ethics of Geophrey Fieger just follow this last remaining link.

Will Fieger run for the Democratic nomination and challenge Cox for the Attorney Generals Office in 2006? (He didn’t.)

Or will Fieger go to jail? (He didn’t.)

Neither one is likely…It’d mean the end to the Fieger ATM machine I was eluding to as a “possibility”

Or to break it down,

Fieger said the timing of federal agents appearing at the accountants’ office shows a close relationship between the state and federal authorities.

Steinberg also said that Fieger’s attorneys met with the state investigators to discuss the tax returns “and volunteered evidence that cleared their client. The attorney general decided to continue the investigation anyway. And now the FBI is tromping over the same ground.”

“And still there was no evidence of any crime and there will be none, either,” Steinberg said.



Fascism Time.

Sometimes no Peace,

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