Marquette General Mutilation

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28 Responses to Marquette General Mutilation

  1. GWHunta says:

    MGH Inpatient Billing

    You will notice below the circled CPT codes listed:

    Just one more lie to the fraud that was committed. The Codman anterior plate that was installed in my neck wasn’t designed or approved for use beyond C7, but Coccia did it anyway and after the fact attempted to hide what was really done to me by falsifying the paperwork.

  2. Thank You for the prompt response Linda,

    I appreciate you getting back to me so quickly in this regard. That said, winter is soon to set in here in the Upper Peninsula and when Senator Casperson and I last met, along with my Father and Jim Caszatt on the 24th of August, Senator Casperson gave me his word that he would hold DTMB-OSE accountable to the 60 day timeline, which has now elapsed.

    While Tom made no promises that he would advocate for me or press DTMB-OSE for a just resolution, the Senator did give me his word that I would have a determination of my level 3 appeal within 60 days, or he would then take action to pressure DTMB-OSE to act, as a 60 day timeline was said to have been agreed upon in August between the Senator and DTMB-OSE.

    This needless and unjust war of attrition need have never been waged. My 77 year old parents deserve better of their governments, local, state and federal, as do we all.

    My claim is legitimate and I am entitled to the State of Michigan Long Term Disability Income Protection Benefits for which I paid premiums for 7 years. The reality of the situation is I am due and owed far more than that, for the deliberate and criminal acts and repeated miscarriages of justice and due process that are part and parcel of the over past two decades that have elapsed since I was originally injured in the line of duty in that collision with Rivers Bey on 12/17/1994.

    November 20th, 2015 would take us into the 24th month that my income has been denied me based on a bald faced lie.

    It is also just a day short of the 15th anniversary of the day Craig T. Coccia was contracted to mutilate my cervical spine and surrounding tissue in an attempt to end my life with a plausible alibi / explanation for what he had done.

    What did happen in the operating room has never been adequately explained or described, but Coccia and others assisting him that morning had no expectation that I would make it beyond the recovery room.

    The moment I became conscious, I was goaded into trying to sit up on my own by an adult male wearing hospital clothes.

    When I was able to do so and sat there without any obvious immediate trauma he looked at me like I was Lazarus, as one of the nurses working in the recovery room came rushing towards my gurney, livid that I had sat up and loudly scolding me for having done so, as I had just come out of the O.R.

    The man who had told me to sit up without assistance quickly stepped away, left the recovery room and I haven’t ever seen him again.

    What I do know for certain is that Coccia didn’t even attempt to do the surgery he had promised me.

    Gardner Wells tongs were applied to my head and my shoulders were padded and restrained. My neck was placed under extreme traction and I was dissected much farther than was necessary or appropriate for the two level fusion of C5,C6 and C7 that was the surgical plan and what I had consented to.

    The intervertebral disc material had been removed from between C6 and C7 in my previous surgery at the Mayo Clinic/St. Mary’s Hospital in Rochester, MN on November 12th, 1997, though no graft was placed in the vacated interspace, and I was left with a non-union in the aftermath; which was a primary reason for the revision surgery at MGH in 2000.

    Coccia after dissection and exposing my cervical spine from at least C5 to T1, used an oscillating saw and cut deeply into the C7 vertebra, nearly taking the top third off completely leaving just a few millimeters of bone between the end of the cut and my dura, the tissue that envelopes the spinal cord.

    Without properly removing the intervertebral disc material from between C5 – C6 or C7 – T1 Coccia then applied a 60 mm Codman plate to the four vertebra, purposely placing the screws into C7 as close as possible to the deep cut he had made into C7 and then stripped both of the screws he placed into C6.

    The screws that attached the plate to C5 and T1 were properly attached into the vertebra, but because the intervertebral disc material had not been excised and proper bone grafts placed and the plate had been attached to these four vertebra while my entire cervical spine was under extreme traction, Coccia and whomever he had conspired with, had sound reason to expect that upon the release of the traction and the return of normal muscular function, gravity and the tension to stabilize my spine would cause the construct to fail, the plate would buckle and tear into the surrounding tissue and arteries that run through the vertebra themselves and I would drown in or suffocate from the swelling from the flow of my own blood, as Coccia hadn’t even bothered with the installation of a surgical drain in my wound, so certain he was of my never making it back to my room.

    There are many anomalies and abnormalities in the record keeping and evidence of the bypassing of normal and required procedures. One example: No post operative X-rays were kept. Spinal fusion surgeries are almost without fail, documented with X-rays of the finished construct taken in the operating room, so the surgeon can insure that the construct is solid and that all the location markers used for inter operative X-rays have been properly removed prior to closing the wound.

    A picture is worth a thousand words and more in this instance.

    This is a before and after the 11/21/2000 surgery X-ray composite of my spine.

    The red is my work and was overlaid to illustrate the uneven alterations in the alignment of my vertebra from the traction and uneven settling that took place when fortunately for me the plate remained flat and straight, only twisting slightly rather than buckling out and folding from what was meant to have caused a total failure of the hardware, due to the malicious construct and application of the Codman anterior cervical plate and screws. (Incidentally, the Codman anterior cervical plate was never FDA approved for use below C7.)

    Some additional food for thought.

    There was a fire that destroyed many records and quite possibly all of the actual paper records and X-ray films of my treatment and followup by Craig Coccia at the Marquette Medical Center on March 28th, 2013.

    The cause of that fire was attributed to an overheated light fixture in the ceiling of a locked room to which access was limited to only authorized staff during normal business hours and infrequently accessed, as the files stored there were archived, not the working files kept in individual offices of current patients still receiving treatment.

    Elements from the overheated fixture supposedly dropped onto the paper files, igniting them into a small fire which subsequently became large enough to set off the sprinkler system, causing water damage and ruining records that weren’t burned.

    The question that remains unanswered is why in the world would the lights have been left to burn at least overnight in a room that was only rarely frequented during normal business hours?

    That records room was pretty much a basement vault, not an active office.

    Somewhat explains why CMI / DTMB-OSE decided not to terminate my benefits in the fall of 2012, even after sending me certified mail notifying me that my benefits were being terminated after my first IME with the notorious David Frye in June of 2012 and following his review of my medical history and files in the months afterward. Ken Swisher already had knowledge of the criminality behind my medical condition and his retirement date of October 18th, 2013 would become coincidentally my second scheduled IME with David Frye, some six and a half months post fire.

    Hard evidence of the mutilation of my cervical spine remained in the Medical Center prior to that fire; augmenting the possibility of criminal prosecution were the Circuit Court files of Marquette County regarding Roberts v Coccia File No: 06-44233-CZ heard by the Honorable John R. Weber.

    The very morning of this allegedly accidental fire, 767.24 Indictments; subsection (3) to be known as Brandon D’Annunzio’s law became effective at midnight, March 28th, 2013.

    Now the question remains, do the bureaucrats, police and politicians of the present wish to continue this decades long conspiracy to engage in criminal behaviors waged in a campaign to silence a former State employee who did his duty according to policy and procedure and stood up for the rule of law in accordance with his sworn oath to do so, in order to cover for the bureaucrats, police and politicians who orchestrated and took us down this road to where we find ourselves today?

    Is the power of government derived and utilized from and for the benefit of the people of this great State of Michigan, or is this simply a fascist state and country run by a handful of individuals from the top down who are above and beyond the law and can murder their own citizens with impunity and gain the complicity of those whom allegedly have the power to make their own decisions regarding the implementation of public policy by fear and intimidation?

    I called DTMB-OSE yesterday afternoon and had the good fortune of having Elizabeth Harbin answer the phone. Elizabeth worked with Ken and should know how badly this whole situation “stinks on ice”.

    We all know David Frye is incompetent and a liar. His opinion has since been refuted by competent experts and hard medical evidence of motion of the non-union that remains in my spine some 15 years after my revision “surgery”. Yet Frye’s opinion continues to be the basis for the continued denial of my rightful State of Michigan Long Term Disability Income Protection Payments on which I have been dependent since March of 1997 through November of 2013.

    The agreed upon 60 days has elapsed. I deserve an immediate explanation from Senator Casperson’s office regarding why DTMB-OSE has not yet made their determination on my level 3 appeal as promised.

    As for the cancelled IME on October 21st, 2015; there was nothing independent about the selection of that physician for his affiliations with Coccia’s defenders Bensinger, Cotant & Menkes and David M. Gast, M.D., P.C.; by taking it upon himself to cancel the appointment in advance was the first act of selfless professional integrity I’ve witnessed in almost 20 years, in regards to how I’ve been dealt with by professionals both inside and outside of government.

    I’d appreciate witnessing a second.

    Wade Paul Roberts

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