Genosuicide by gwhunta

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Definition: killing of fellow citizens: the extermination of people by members of their own society

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Demand Destruction

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President Bush and the Empty Promise of Ethanol or E-85 by gwhunta

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An ethanol plant/distillery emits more CO2 directly to the atmosphere, pound for pound, than the end product ethanol it produces; which then has to be transported by tanker, because it is too corrosive to be transported in existing petroleum product pipelines.

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Higher Crude Oil Prices Could Send More US Ethanol Overseas

U.S. market saturated, yet with a Federal budget alleged to be in desperate need of deep cuts in domestic spending, ethanol subsidies remain in the President’s budget, effectively shipping U.S. taxpayer dollars oversees with every gallon of ethanol exported.

At the same time U.S. consumers are warned to expect at least a 5% increase in the cost of food with current 2 1/2 year highs on cereal grains, due in no small part to the production of ethanol.

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Addendum to the End of Civilization……. by gwhunta

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Think Ventura is out there? Try the Washington Post who found that:

* Some 1,271 government organizations and 1,931 private companies work on programs related to counterterrorism, homeland security and intelligence in about 10,000 locations across the United States.

* An estimated 854,000 people, nearly 1.5 times as many people as live in Washington, D.C., hold top-secret security clearances.

Seems in the event of critical “budget” battles with public employees such as the one currently playing out in Wisconsin; or the looming Federal government shutdown, “they” have it covered.

Sometimes no Piece

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Scott Walker the Union busting, servant to “the cause” of big business in Madison, WI, honors the legend of Ronald Reagan and of course the “trickle down” economic theory that is economic Darwinism.

Looks like this new robotic technology is being implemented from the top down as well and is destined first for the aeronautic and transportation industries.

It’s worth remembering that in the event of another economic crisis that GM’s largest national market is China, followed by the United States, Brazil, the United Kingdom, Germany, Canada, Italy, Russia, Mexico, and Uzbekistan.

Another major slowdown in domestic car sales could result in the energy and materials being redirected towards mass production and rapid implementation of these new lines of robotic technologies.

There are currently about 390,000 UAW jobs nationwide. How fast could this technology be developed and implemented? The Robonaut2 weighs but 330 lbs.

How many vehicles did GM sell last month?

Robots building robots and current economic incentives and conditions.
Millions within months. This is the next big thing.

What is Robonaut2

Robonaut can use tools designed to be used by astronauts on the space station. Image Credit: NASA

Click the pic above linked to NASA’s video explaining how NASA and GM will be using Robonaut2′s advanced technology in their future.


A similar configuration could make an awesome DNR officer.

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You’ll note after reading the linked story below that of the leading global manufacturers and marketers of vehicles, General Motors, unlike Chrysler, in spite of its recent Federal government bailout and reorganization, ranks dead last on improvements regarding labor efficiency.

Could it be they’ve decided on the quantum leap of humanoid robotics rather than the limited incremental gains afforded by the efforts of their competitors. GM obviously has the inside track on Robonaut 2′s capabilities and plans of their own, regarding safer and more efficient manufacturing operations.

Labor hours to assemble vehicles in North America?

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Labor is prior to, and independent of, capital. Capital is only the fruit of labor, and could never have existed if labor had not first existed. Labor is the superior of capital, and deserves much the higher consideration.
~Abraham Lincoln

(Talk like that today could get you shot in the head.)

For the “average American” how many hours on the job to make the payments to buy a new car? Figures vary by manufacturer and model, but the average cost of labor for a new vehicle averages under 10% of its cost. While replacement of assembly line workers won’t result in radical price cuts for new vehicles, a smaller overall domestic vehicle market will reduce the price of raw materials and make vehicles produced in the North American market far more competitive globally.

For decades we saw little to no improvement in CAFE standards, most vehicles on U.S. highways today are now economically, technologically and environmentally obsolete. The U.S. ethanol industry will continue to be subsidized, is growing in capacity and is currently exporting ethanol overseas due to market saturation in the domestic market.

Only a portion of the current U.S. fleet can tolerate an ethanol mix beyond E-10, though E15 is the next logical step. If you’re not one of those fortunate enough to keep pace in this race, your “clunker” will be dedicated to improving the bottom line for the “revitalization” of the U.S. manufacturing base.

Robber barons of the 21st century; first your livelihood, then your life.

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Fascism Defined by gwhunta

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…….now what does the future hold for you with the many widespread applications of this technology. Brought to being by DARPA, GM and NASA.

Manned space flights are about over for the foreseeable future for the US.

Talk about a “just in time delivery.”

Robonaut 2 ready for OJT on NASA’s second to last shuttle/station shuffle prior to the upcoming Russian monopoly on manned orbital spaceflight.

But Robonaut 2 wasn’t designed just for spaceflight, it’s designed for other aerospace applications as well.

I see being legless an advantage for a robotic pilot, once it’s bolted into place in the cockpit there would be little reason to remove it between flights and if it can fly a plane, it could certainly operate a power chair for travel to and from storage and/or maintainance.

Hard not to imagine these machines quickly working their way down through the transportation hierarchy. Astronaut, pilot, engineer, conductor and truckdriver. No drugs, fatigue, “human” error, time off, retirement or compensation. Just the initial capital investment, upgrades and maintainence.

Imagine being a police officer riding shotgun with Robonaut2 driving your squad car and supervising your public interactions.

Seems there’s no end in sight for the future uses of robotic technology and less need than ever for the billions of humans worldwide that are currently under or completely unemployed. The environmental and energy savings of robotic “employees” over human beings will more than offset the capital expenditure once production of robots is scaled up.

Seems the Federal Government saved GM and doomed the rest of us in the process.

Sometimes no Piece

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Behind the Arab Revolt Is a Word We Dare Not Speak

Feel free to leave a definition of your own while you’ve still got the means to.

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Just ask Lou W Chappell by gwhunta

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Wade Roberts
PO Box 33
Wetmore, MI

March 2nd, 2000

Paul J. Tomasi
Special Assistant Attorney General
Vairo, Mechlin, Tomasi, Johnson & Manchester
400 East Houghton Avenue
Houghton, Michigan

RE: Roberts v MDOC, Accident Fund

Mr. Tomasi:

I have considered your million dollar wager and the only possible way that a $40,000.00 dollar settlement would be sheltered from Aetna would be to draft the payment to have included the Administrative Leave to which I am entitled above and beyond the Worker’s Compensation that I should be receiving as well, at a rate of pay $1,400.80 bi-weekly which was my base rate of pay by 26 to reach an annual base $36,420.08.

This would not include compensation for the 1/3 holiday pay, birthday leave, 8 hrs. personal leave, 104 hrs. sick leave accrual and 137.8 hrs. annual leave accrual totaling another $5,354.56.

This brings the annual total to $41,774.64 with no consideration given to retirement or insurance benefits.

$41,774.64 divided by 12 gives us a total of $3,481.22 per month.

I had a single pay period for which I received no compensation and 328 hrs. of sick leave used for which this injury played a critical role. That uncompensated pay period is valued at $1,606.72 and the 328 hrs. of sick leave used the summer of 1995 is valued at $5,743.28.

My out of pocket insurance premiums to the State of Michigan total $13,763.49 to Sept. 8th, 1999 at which time this option was no longer available and since my family has been without insurance.

My out of pocket expense to maintain hospitalization coverage on myself in order to have the option of having my neck repaired once this compensation issue has been resolved totals another $1,522.08. This brings the out of pocket insurance premium total to $15,285.57 to date.

I will not calculate the actual out of pocket medical costs at this time, however I can give a rough estimate for costs and mileage. I would estimate co-pays and deductibles at $3,000-$4000, lets say $3,500.00. My mileage for medical expenses is in excess of 6,000 miles, lets round to $2,000.00.

Now lets look at the total to date.

Aetna has given me $1973.16 per month so the annual total would be $23,677.92 as opposed to the Comp and Administrative leave I should have received valued at $41,774.64.

Annual shortfall $18,096.72. Monthly shortfall $1,508.06.
X 3 yr. = $54,290.16

Gross compensation shortfall………………………………..$54,290.16
Uncompensated pay period……………………………………$1,606.72
1995 FMLA Leave………………………………………………$5,354.56
Out of pocket insurance premiums paid to State……….$13,763.49
Out of pocket insurance premiums paid to BCBS……….$1,522.08
Estimated co-pays and deductibles to date…………………$3,500.00
Estimated mileage 6,000 miles at $.30 per mile…………..$2,000.00
Total Estimated Cash Value Loss to Date…………….$82,037.01

Now before you can consider this a reasonable estimate of my actual financial loss for the past three years you must consider the fact that I have had no choice but to compensate for this shortfall with high interest consumer credit borrowing.

I realize however there is no provision for such a high rate of interest, but a good portion of this amount will be considered with interest accrued and should bring this amount to exceed $87,500.

Now you and I both know that although the figures I have listed thus far are in line with what I will be eligible to receive immediately or within 30 days of a just finding following trial of this case.
Aetna is not going to agree to the allocation of $87,500 to past shortfalls and continue sending LTD payment uninterrupted to me, assuming you had the authority to extend such an offer, which we both know you do not.

Yet, this is only a small portion of what is truly at stake in this hearing as we both well know.

Now since you asked me to settle for roughly 40% of what I have actually lost to date and with absolutely no promise that the lion’s share of this amount would not be credited against future payments by Aetna, I am left to presume that either you are a fool or you take me to be one.

As for your bet which inspired this communication, your statement that Aetna would not get a dime from the $40,000 is technically correct. However, I don’t have any illusions regarding the fact that though I would still be eligible to receive payment, the portion of the $40,000 that would be credited against future payment would leave me without income for many months following my receipt of this check and since it was a soft offer, had I been fool enough to take it, I would have not had a leg to stand on with regard to whatever terms Aetna decided to dictate.

This would leave me with consumer debt in excess of $10,000 had I taken the most fiscally responsible action and paid down my debt. No income for the foreseeable future, a cervical spine in need of repair and absolutely no alternatives regarding reasonable employment or vocational rehabilitation.

I have no idea of what ethical standards if any you apply to your practice of the law, but as an ethical human being one would not ask another to accept an offer that he could not reasonably consider for himself. After more than 5 years of mistreatment by the system I risked life and limb to support, you insult my intelligence with an offer an ethical human being wouldn’t wish on an enemy.

I realize that you have come to accept what you do for a living as normal and if one takes a myopic world view, I guess you could delude yourself into believing that you are providing a service and justify your actions in the name of professionalism. As I pointed out on the 29th, this entire process is by design robbing the workers, their families and the taxpayers of the State and by design the Social Security Trust Fund.

The beneficiaries are lawyers like yourself , “expert” witnesses, and unethical medical practitioners and of course the insurance fronts that process the expenses for their percentage.

If the MDOC had handled this situation according to policy, procedure and state and federal law and just basic human common sense, they would have provided a copy of that videotape or an accurate report of what actually did happen to me in the process of the assault on 12/17/94 to the treating physician and I would have been driven to the nearest hospital ER immediately after having been evaluated by RN Harmon.

The circumstances of what did happen that day critically affected my medical evaluation and course of treatment. Had the seriousness of that collision been understood by the treating physician and he had properly diagnosed the condition of my C-spine on the day of incident and the MDOC treated me according to the law, I could have been retrained and put into a desk job if that was what had been deemed necessary after a few months following a successful surgery and this story would have been complete nearly five years ago.

I have pointed out what some of my financial losses have been, but I can not begin to put a price on what additional expense has been placed upon the taxpayers of this State by the MDOC’s low road handling of my situation.

Penny wise and pound foolish with regard to the interests of the taxpayer, however the taxpayers of this State have been given the opportunity to spend many thousand of additional dollars and provide additional work for Aetna, Accident Fund, Blue Cross Blue Shield, MDOC administrators, the physician’s, the lawyers, the Magistrates and a great deal of additional use of the services provided by
the hospitals involved.

There are many beneficiaries of this low road approach and just one family of victims, if you do not consider the taxpayer.

If the “final person” to whom you referred in the first paragraph of your settlement offer should inquire as to what it is that I am seeking as to settlement, please pass along that I am seeking Justice, for he or she seems to have little understanding of finances.

Wade Roberts

cc Cindy Fenton

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3 weeks after accepting a settlement of $34,900.00 with no interuptions or offsets in my LTD benefits, Craig C. Coccia did this to me at Marquette General Hospital.

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Defining Characteristic 2: Disdain for the Recognition of Human Rights by gwhunta

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Marquette General Mutilation

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Democracies don’t devolve into dictatorships on the orders of tyrants, but by the actions of the cowards who follow them.

GWHunta @ Tue, 11 Sep 2007 09:11:44 / “War on Terror”

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Mayo Clinic Misfortune

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a political narcotic distributed by vested economic interests that makes moderate social liberalism, ethnicity, individual purity of heart, and soaring rhetoric appear to be substantive progressive change; co-optation of the left by vested economic interests

“The health care bill is a triumph of hopium over experience.”

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Fascism Defined by gwhunta

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The project for a new Arab century

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Sold out.


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    Obama to Veto Any Attempt to Roll Back Automatic Cuts After Committee’s Inability to Reach Debt Deal

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