NSA Domestic Spying: Building a Bigger Haystack


B15973 / Fri, 9 Jun 2006 09:11:32 / Civil Liberties

starting to get the idea that maybe there’s a reason that the
government is tracking the activities of “innocent” Americans?

you track the previous pattern of calls made or e-mails sent, you’ll
immediately be able to identify any variance to this pattern. New
number? New e-mail address?

The calls or e-mails that will send up
the red flags are the ones that are made outside the normal or previous
pattern of calls made or e-mails sent.

If you want to screw with the NSA and this domestic spy program, spend some time meeting strangers via the telephone.

A ten second call to a wrong number will immediately be identified as such.

ten minute call to a total stranger explaining to them that the reason
you called is to explain to them the importance of the individuals
personal privacy and that the NSA has been invading their privacy and
the true purpose of your phone call, beyond educating the listener, is
to create havoc with the very system that is being employed to track the
conversation your currently having.

Follow up with a request for
the listener to do likewise. Next time you’re hanging with friends, swap
a few phone numbers that are preprogrammed into your cell phones. Oh
yeah, they can track those too. You won’t even need to make a call then.

Just look up a couple in the phone book and randomly program them in.

Doesn’t need to be long distance, probably creates more suspicion by calling somebody across town.

No sense running up your phone bill.

goes for e-mails. I’ve got hundreds of valid e-mail addresses from
ridiculous forwards that are passed along to me on a regular basis.

I’d be happy to swap a few in order to break some new ground and create a little smoke.

all know there are various ways to harvest addresses that are valid and
if you’re introducing yourself and your methods to a single individual
address and not mass mailing, I don’t think that qualifies as spamming.

it a whirl, you can consider it poll taking and legitimate research
into the attitudes of Americans regarding the President directing the
NSA to spy on who they talk to on the phone or e-mail with their

Much better idea than calling the NSA.



3 Responses to NSA Domestic Spying: Building a Bigger Haystack

  1. GWHunta says:

    Thank you for taking part in the “Did GCHQ Illegally Spy On You?” campaign

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