RE: State Employees and Unions and Fascism

I chose to revisit this issue which is now just vaguely in the backs of our minds as barely recordable traces of radioactivity are being carried over the US by the jet stream which flows in a generally easterly direction across the Pacific from Japan.

The Japanese air, food and water supply is threatened by the continuing nuclear crisis.

The Japanese are stoic, but uncertainty and some level of fear for the quality of their futures, both as a nation and as individuals must now be in their minds as well.

President Obama’s visit to Marquette was heralded in the local press, but the circumstances and restrictions regarding those who would share in the event were far more reminiscent of his predecessor, than of the Barack Obama who campaigned town hall style for our nations highest office.

In fact, far more were able to see Bush, who was of course campaigning, than were able to see Obama, due to the short notice of the event as it was timed to coincide with the sweep of democracy in Egypt and the ouster of Mubarak.

President Obama’s speech was centered on infrastructure and innovation, regaining America’s cutting edge lead in technology.

This was of course before the quake and tsunami that has since devastated a large swath of eastern Japan and the nuclear crisis that followed.  The damage estimates for this historic natural disaster is now a third of a trillion and climbing.

The wave of protests across the Arab world have resulted in concessions that will total many more hundreds of billions and the protesters are still in the streets protesting for more equity and social justice.  The median age of America’s “baby boom” is now 65.

Retirement needs to maintain their current lifestyles will require many trillions of dollars.

The financial future of our now global economy is once again uncertain.

America is now at war in Libya.  The geography of this nation, is unique in the world.  Once believed to be just a wasteland in North Africa.  Libya is home to two of the most precious commodities in the region.  Plentiful reserves of both oil and ground water.  At present rates of withdrawal, which are immense relative to most fossil water withdrawals in the US, India and China, the Libyans could continue at their current rate of withdrawal for a thousand years without exhausting this vast fresh water resource.

A familiar name, Brown and Root, assisted the Libyan government with this vast water project that is estimated to have been a 25 billion dollar investment by this third world nation with a population of but 6.4 million people.

No other single nation has tapped such a vast resource, in such a huge manner.

An interesting aside is that these fossil water withdrawals are made and much of them utilized in the Al Kufrah District,  The largest city in this district is Kufra.

The name is derived from the Arabic word kafir, a term for infidels, the unfaithful, or pagan believers. This district is also home to oil wells and refineries and is without doubt the most strategically important and militarily easily defended area in the Great Socialist People’s Libyan Arab Jamahiriya, as Libya is referred to by its own government.

This vital area to the entire country fell almost immediately into “rebel” control as the Libyan government was blindsided by the unfolding of events.  It reportedly remains in the control of the “rebel” forces following the air to ground combat of the past week.

The coastal cities all depend upon the water, food, and refined petroleum products from this region and those that control this district, control the Libyan economy.

It is easy to forget in the midst of this tribulation, the heightened awareness we all shared of the imminent threat of sweeping fascism that Americans were trying to come to grips with just a bit more than a month or so ago.

In previous messages I’ve written of Eisenhower’s warning to America.  There were once  corporate fascist states in both Italy and Germany who believed in their technological achievements and denigrated human rights in both their own nations and those upon whom they imposed their wills.

The goal of the Nazi’s was a thousand year reign following the conquest of socialism and democracy around the globe.  Following their defeat in WWII, many former Nazis with a broad spectrum of expertise were captured and brought to the United States of America and employed within our military industrial complex.  Mistrust and outright hostility towards the Russians was reportedly prevalent within the American military throughout WWII, though providing them assistance and cooperation was vital to the Nazi defeat.

Once again America is at war.  Both abroad and here at home with itself.

We have come to resemble in both word and deeds, those whom we were once at war with.  Only those at the helm know where American militarism abroad and fascist policies at home are taking us, but were are on a slippery slope and things are happening very fast.

Who will be the very first victims of draconian domestic cuts in spending?

Who will continue to fund the care of those in nursing homes, both aged and crippled, totally dependent on social spending that the wealthy are no longer willing to pay taxes to support?

We can all remember the closing of state hospitals throughout Michigan.  Those who formerly were deemed unable to care for themselves were dumped.  Some joined the ranks of the homeless.  Some were taken in by family.  Some were helped by new drugs and reintegrated into society, but the majority ended up in correctional facilities.

Who will care for those unable to care for themselves in the event of a federal government shutdown and state and local government budget crisis?

If we can no longer afford food assistance for college students, will we continue feeding prisoners?

What will become of the unemployed when they exhaust their benefits and social services are overwhelmed?

Cuts in social security tax withholding approved last fall accompanying the Presidents new budget proposals have already got the system taking in less than it is spending.

The “surplus” or social security trust fund is only as good as faith in the US dollar.

If we have an economic collapse, which is looking increasingly likely, would the wealthiest of Americans and the scientific technocrats at the top of the American military industrial complex utilize America’s vast military power against any whom would intervene against draconian and Nazi style population reductions at home, with the idea that they could fall back on this thousand year supply of water and oil in the Libyan desert if all else fails?

These unique resources in the middle of the Sahara desert could enable survival through a nuclear winter for those properly equipped to do so.

We are on this brink.  We must decide to tell those at the top whom have lied to us and will continue to lie that we realize what’s at stake here.

America is a rich and blessed country, it is greed and the unfair division of this wealth that endangers us all.  They’ve no more right to decide our fates than they do to lie to us.

We are not unbelievers.

United We Can and Must Stand


4 Responses to RE: State Employees and Unions and Fascism

  1. gwhunta says:

    Are the Hitler-era Nazis in the Koch Family Closet?

    Does it matter? Would the Amorphophallus titanum by a different name, smell any less foul?

  2. GWHunta says:

    Obama to Veto Any Attempt to Roll Back Automatic Cuts After Committee’s Inability to Reach Debt Deal

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