Sorry Charlie

Judge Nebel – Anatomy of a Cover-UP‏
From: Wade Roberts (
Sent: Tue 6/15/10 2:29 PM
Joe Swickard,

Appreciate the coverage on the Nebel case.

How about some of the untold part(s) of this story.

Read once again the Supreme Court order regarding Nebel’s 90 day suspension.


Judge Nebel and counsel stipulated that he left the Mackinaw Grille in St. Ignace at about 7:00 pm, drove northbound I-75 to northbound M-123 to westbound M-28 and was stopped near the Alger/Schoolcraft county line at 9:05 pm.

That’s two hours and five minutes drive time for a distance of approximately 108 miles.

Google map (excuse me, that was actually a Bing map) the same trip and the drive time is one hour fifty-five minutes at legal speed.  (Mapquest comes in at one hour and fifty-eight minutes, Google at two hours and seven minutes.)

The Judge was clocked travelling at 105 mph by the Mackinaw County Sherriff’s department on M-28.

That’s now public record.

As told to me by Judge Nebel, the Mackinaw County Officer was in the process of making a right turn at the intersection of M-117 and M-28 on his way to Newberry when the Judge went by and subsequently alerted the Michigan State Police.

This information wasn’t then or to my knowledge hasn’t since been publicly released.

Judge Nebel told this to me personally as he was awaiting the outcome of the jurisdictional hearing held on August 10th, 2009 in Luce County.

Once he told me this, the Judge then backtracked and said he of course hadn’t seen the Mackinaw County vehicle and didn’t even know if it was marked or unmarked.  My impression at that point in our conversation was that the Judge was lying.

No prosecutor had been assigned the case yet and the police reports at that point in the case should have been totally confidential regarding release to the concerned parties until the jurisdictional matter had been resolved, a prosecutor assigned to the case and the prosecution had the opportunity to review the police reports and bring appropriate charges.

Police reports are normally withheld from defendants prior to arraignment.

The 08/10/09 hearing in Luce County resulted in a decision that this case would be heard in Schoolcraft County where the arrest had taken place and the Judge was lodged overnight.

There was no press present at this jurisdictional hearing that I know of, which I thought strange for a locally high profile case such as this one had become.

Judge Nebel had also told me outside the Luce County Complex that day that both counties potentially had jurisdiction and that the outcome of this hearing made no difference to him personally.  The Judge did later concede though that there were obvious problems with holding the proceedings in Schoolcraft County where he was a sitting Judge.

Schoolcraft County Prosecutor Peter Hollenbeck had already publicly turned over the Schoolcraft County portion of the case to the Attorney General’s Office, reported on the 28th of July.

Seems to me the simplest way to handle this matter would have been to simply proceed in Luce County.

That wasn’t the result though, as the ball was already rolling in assigning a “special Prosecutor” and bringing in an “impartial Judge” to hear the case.

Judge Nebel of course claims there was no “fleeing and eluding” involved in this case.  Had there been, he would have surely been forced from the bench and likely disbarred.

Instead he is today busy campaigning to keep his $139,919 salary and seat on the bench in his initial and upcoming August 3rd election against his “competitor”, a Schoolcraft County native from the AG’s office.

My questions regarding the anomolies in the case are simple.


Why did the Judge choose the route he took home if he didn’t feel he was impaired when he left the Mackinaw Grille and was in a hurry to get home?

The route he took is about 5 miles longer that driving US-2 to either M-117 or M-77 to M-28.

You are of course generally less likely to encounter law enforcement on M-123 than on US-2, due to Operation SABRE.


According to the Judge himself, he was driving at an excessive rate of speed from at least the intersection of M-28 and M-117 to where he was stopped, just short of the Alger/Schoolcraft County line.

If the facts stipulated to regarding the time the Judge left the Mackinaw Grille and was subsequently stopped and arrested are indeed factual, how does one explain the 2:05 drive time, when you can cover the same route in 1:55 without speeding?


Lastly, if the Judge had truly not seen the Mackinaw County Sherriff vehicle and increased his speed in response to avoid being stopped, how did he know that is where he had been first observed by law enforcement on the 10th of August, 2009, prior to the jurisdictional matter even being settled or a prosecutor assigned the case?

I’d appreciate a response and be glad to answer any questions you might have regarding my interest in this case.

Wade Roberts
citizen of Alger County


30 Responses to Sorry Charlie

  1. gwhunta says:

    On July 24, 2009, Respondent consumed at least four sixteen-ounce glasses of beer at the Mackinac Grill in St. Ignace, Michigan, between approximately 4:45 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. Respondent then left the Mackinac Grill to travel to his home in Munising, Michigan. Respondent traveled northbound on I-75, continued on M-123, and then went west on M-28. While driving on M-28, Respondent’s speed registered on a Mackinac County Deputy’s radar device at 105 miles per hour. Several witnesses also reported that Respondent had passed them on M-28 traveling at speeds around or in excess of 100 miles per hour. A Michigan State Police unit effectuated a traffic stop of Respondent’s vehicle near the Schoolcraft County/Alger County line at or around 9:05 p.m.
    During the traffic stop Respondent acted in a confused and disoriented manner. An odor of intoxicants emanated from his body and his eyes were bloodshot and glassy. Respondent admitted to having consumed “four — maybe five — Oberon draft beers.” The Michigan State Police detained Respondent and took him to the Schoolcraft County Jail. While in jail, Respondent took two breath tests which revealed that his bodily alcohol content was 0.09 per 210 liters of breath.

  2. gwhunta says:

    “I made a series of bad and inappropriate decisions and I accept full responsibility for those decisions and will address this matter in a straightforward manner. There’s no justification for my behavior and I am prepared to face the consequences of my actions.”

  3. gwhunta says:

    Visited St. Ignace this past weekend for fireworks Saturday evening and enjoyed a leisurely drive home from the Mackinaw Grille via I-75 and M-123 northbound to M-28 westbound to the Alger County Line on Sunday morning, July 18th, 2010.

    The drive time, strictly adhering to the posted speed limits, was less than two hours.

  4. gwhunta says:

    Schoolcraft County Election Results


    Dan Beaton 1959 63.65%
    Charles C. Nebel 1116 36.26%

  5. gwhunta says:

    Alger County Probate Judge

    Dan Beaton 3,254
    Charles Nebel 3,515

    Why the scewed (combined?) figures for Alger County on the TV6 website where the election results for the Probate Court race in Schoolcraft County are glaringly absent?

  6. gwhunta says:

    Beaton’s reported (TV6) total 3,254, less the 1,959 votes he received officially in Schoolcraft County would mean Beaton received only 1,295 votes in the Alger County general election.

    Nebel’s reported (TV6) total of 3,515, less the 1,116 votes he received officially in Schoolcraft County would mean Nebel received 2,399 votes in the Alger County general election.

    Alger County Nebel landslide trumps Schoolcraft County Beaton landslide? What’s that say about geography and UP family values?

  7. gwhunta says:

    Unofficial Alger County Probate Court race election results:

    Nebel 2,399
    Beaton 1,295

  8. GWHunta says:

    Penny for your thoughts?

  9. Wade Paul Roberts says:

    Wade Roberts
    HTC’s “cloud service provider”.
    Apr 5, 2016

    Hiawatha Telephone Company in Munising, Michigan is partnered with the Baraga Telephone Company in Baraga, MI and are also both home to what at one time were “super maximum” security prisons, LMF for Alger County and AMF for Baraga.,4551,7-119-68854_1381_1385-5325–,00.html,4551,7-119-68854_1381_1385-5324–,00.html

  10. Wade Paul Roberts says:

    Governor Rick Snyder;
    Senator Tom Casperson:

    Preparations have been made and are currently in use which could be manipulated for a controlled collapse of the poor and working class of this once great country and now stand almost fully at the ready.

    In my hometown of Munising, Michigan a small locally owned and operated telecommunications company is now dispatching 911 calls for the bulk of the geographic area of the entire state of Michigan; working in conjunction with a second similarly small and privately owned, by a single individual I am told, small town telecommunications company in Baraga, MI, that provides redundancy for the Hiawatha Telephone Company here in Munising.

    These two small towns have a second common characteristic, as they are both home to what once were “super maximum” security prisons.

    I point this out for the fact that in the early 1990’s, within a few years after the opening of the Alger Maximum Security Prison a “computer room” was added adjacent to the telecommunications room in the administration building for the purpose of analysis, sorting and storage of all telecommunications within and to and from the facility.

    As I’ve a close relationship with an employee of the Hiawatha Telephone Company, I’ve had the privilege of touring the facility, led by a technician with a thorough understanding of the hardware and its capabilities explained to me and have seen the new equipment and improvements that have occurred over the course of a decade or so and the miniaturization of the hardware involved.

    The hardware that serves what is now simply the Alger Correctional Facility, is in the same room as is the nearly Statewide 911 hardware and an interconnection of the two systems would be a relatively simple technical adjustment to make.

    An additional change that was made to what was formerly Alger Max is the closing of the Munising State Police Post and relocating their headquarters to the Alger Correctional Facility to provide them with more secure statewide telecommunications that aren’t solely dependent upon the Hiawatha Telephone Company system or straight forward radio communications.

    Additionally, HTC is now one of 32 smaller telecommunications companies that have joined together to purchase Cordero.

    This new tool of class warfare is now at the disposal of tyrants such as our notorious Governor; who’s disdain for human equality is now well known to the world.

    The disposition, dispatch and delivery of basic human services are a few jumpers away from authorities under his command, with but a pay grade between themselves and the Governor.

    Thanks be to the two of you for the funding to repair Connors and make improvements and partially pave Old Indiantown Road smoothing the drive for Hiawatha Telephone’s Companies CEO and substantially increasing the already substantial property value of his home.

    As I am an unlikely and obviously unwanted beneficiary of this improvement by default, my thanks as well; though it smacks of yet another RICO violation and fits the pattern of State directed corporate expansion normally associated with a recognized fascist agenda of which I’ve been critical and writing about for decades.

    Wade Roberts

    (Subsequently sought out by Paola “Payola” Rios for framing.)

    Sometimes no Peace

  11. Wade Paul roberts says:

    Btw. When I emailed you regarding HTC’s 911 service going down a few months back, along with all of their accompanying services, inclusive of area wide cellular service that is trundled through their fiber and framed the 911 services downstate as being future customers, all but the counties in the extreme southern band adjoining Ohio and Indiana are currently receiving their 911 service through a partnership of HTC and the Baraga Phone Company, the latter owned by a single individual and an LLC that they jointly own that owns the actual fiber trunk lines. A 911 call placed today from a mobile or landline in Genesse county goes first to Hiawatha Telephone Company in Munising, with their sister/partner company in Baraga providing a backup server for recoding and then forwarding that information back down to the Genesee County 911 center with the appropriate information for dispatch. Such is the case for 911 service throughout all of the Upper and the vast geographic majority of the Lower Peninsula of Michigan, so when this glitch I told you of happened, it was not just the loss of our local service that put lives at potential risk, most of the rest of the state was at the mercy of the “redundant” lone server way up in Baraga, which to me seems like one huge service egg, in a very small and far away basket in the Copper Country of the Upper Peninsula. Glad to share more if you’re so inclined.


    • Wade Paul roberts says:

      This LLC is owned by the Baraga and Hiawatha Telephone Companies. Both towns, Munising and Baraga are also home to what were formerly “supermax” prisons. Alger, the facility in Munising was the first of Michigan’s new “supermax” prisons, which opened in 1990 and was the beginning of the militarization of the MDOC.

      I know this from experience as I was one of over a hundred new recruits that trained for and opened this institution, we were the first to shelve the white shirts, black ties and green blazers that had been the traditional MDOC uniform and initiated the grey and black military style uniforms.

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