The GNN Streetcorner and the Freedom to Rant

The GNN Streetcorner and the Freedom to Rant

B24885 / Sat, 8 Sep 2007 03:09:32 / Civil Liberties

What does it say about this website that he chooses here to crazy?

what does it say about this website that so many of them come here to
crazy? Alex, neverknwo, Drew Hempel (M.A.), artb, fetch….

We’re just ordinary dudes who are a little tired of you using GNN
as your personal street corner to rant on. No offense, dude, but I
gotta be honest – what you’re saying sounds exactly what the homeless
guy screams out down on the pedestrian mall, and it weirds me out.

the more complex the society, the more impossible “effective
insurgency” becomes. The supply chain for goods, materials and services
becomes increasingly complex and it is a relatively simple matter to
eliminate the provision of necessities from those not directly
contributing to the support of the government, in whatever form it
happens to take.

Disruption of communications, transportation
systems, electrical power distribution become self-defeating, alienating
by threatening the health and well being of the general population and
making the procurement of goods, materials and services more difficult
to come by for the resistance.

I expect most Americans will continue to react in the same manner as did Germans during WWII,
with outright denial and when faced with their own direct complicity,
they’ll take refuge in “just following orders”, trying to maintain
whatever “they” decide to allow them to have.

Welcome to the next round of Survivor.

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GWHunta @ 09/11/07 10:08:34

Wild man’s world is cryin’ in pain
What you gonna do when everybody’s insane?
So afraid of one… who’s so afraid of you
What you gonna do…?


Ruff_Shot @ 09/11/07 10:32:07

of rants, what was your point? Besides proving Godwin’s Law and giving
me the vague impression that you disagreed with my comments in the other
thread, without really saying why?

Snark @ 09/11/07 12:50:06

He was just looking for an excuse to quote me.

I give him a 3 out of 5.

Phoenix2008 @ 09/11/07 12:51:51

GW – We’re just ordinary dudes who are a little tired of you using GNN as your personal street corner to rant on…

Jesus, but that’s my daily dose of irony right there…

Truthcansuk @ 09/11/07 12:58:52

sisyphus @ 09/11/07 13:06:13

Jesus, but that’s my daily dose of irony right there

No, he was quoting me. Good irony, though.

Snark @ 09/11/07 13:20:29

Oh, I was under the impression that this blog had a point. My bad…

Truthcansuk @ 09/11/07 13:24:48

That picture makes me want to turn off the internet.

Phoenix2008 @ 09/11/07 13:26:35

All Aboard!

Ruff_Shot @ 09/11/07 13:31:25

That picture makes me want to turn off the internet.

Gaaah! Me too!

Snark @ 09/11/07 13:38:56

Will code html for food?

I can see it now, a man is driving his car, wondering to himsef with
great tinges of woo, how the heck I am I going to code my web site today
and he sees this dude and says to himself, ya, I would like this
desperate loser to come into my office, put his greasy unwashed fingers
all over my new HP pavillion and then I will take the time to explain to
him what I need done to my site, and while he is busy banging away
unsupervised in my office, I will go out to Walmart and by this guy some

hitlabeshi @ 09/11/07 14:02:26

You are like the mother teresa of computer nerds hitla..

Phoenix2008 @ 09/11/07 14:33:16

i think it’s like one of those signs homeless people hold that say :
need money for karate lessons … and not necessarily to be taken
seriously … kinda like your posts. 😉

hellcat @ 09/11/07 15:42:26
hellcat @ 09/11/07 15:47:53

saw the karate lessons one just the other day. “Family killed by
ninjas. Need money for karate lessons from blind master to get revenge.”

Snark @ 09/11/07 16:16:11

totally off topic

Yo Snark … have you ever been to this site my buddy just emailed me the link … i’ve been reading his hate mail for an half hour now … hilarious!

hellcat @ 09/11/07 17:58:49

I been there a few times. Fucker stopped updating the site (or nearly,
he updates about once every two months) and I lost interest, but it’s

Snark @ 09/11/07 18:59:53

that’s my daily dose of irony right there

17 comments without a single vote.

GWHunta @ 09/11/07 22:11:33


athena @ 09/11/07 22:35:09

GWHunta @ 09/11/07 22:51:17


GWHunta @ 09/11/07 22:52:29
athena @ 09/11/07 23:05:18

heres my 5 … i never really vote on blogs cuz i always read them through the forum … sowy …

hellcat @ 09/11/07 23:14:43

i looove that song Fen … thnks

hellcat @ 09/11/07 23:15:27

Me too, it’s why I was surprised it wasn’t posted on this thread before now.

athena @ 09/11/07 23:17:27

it’s good but it’s not the best on the album

Number5Toad @ 09/11/07 23:21:45

I disagree. Honestly, it’s the only song I liked. Maybe I need to give the album another chance. Probably not, though.

athena @ 09/11/07 23:25:50

no it’s pretty good

i liked Smiling Faces (the other single) better than Crazy but my favorite song on the album is Just A Thought

Number5Toad @ 09/11/07 23:59:22

sure it is, it’s just not for me. For now it’s gotta be one of those
artists where I only like one song. That’s good enough, though.

athena @ 09/12/07 00:04:50

GWShut The Fuck Up…

are right. It’s my fault for not knowing what this blog is actually
supposed to be about. It’s not poorly executed and not worth voting for,
I’m simply not keen enough to grasp the underlying point…

I’m gonna go shut the fuck up now…

Truthcansuk @ 09/12/07 07:59:58

Snark @ 09/12/07 08:08:16

Because this thread really needed a lolcat.

Snark @ 09/12/07 08:08:42

Bottom line, whether it’s relatively coherent and lucid or ranting psychobabble, it’s all 1’s and 0’s in the end.

It’s not what we say folks, it’s what we do.

Simple enough.


GWHunta @ 09/12/07 09:15:12

It’s not what we say folks, it’s what we do.

wise, that is…

because this thread needed some more UTSF & my unabashed retardation…

variable @ 09/12/07 11:51:42

is this the new Flame War™ thread?

hellcat @ 09/12/07 12:51:15

how cool/weird/sexy is this

hellcat @ 09/12/07 12:52:52

I guess it is a flamewar thread, gw just wasn’t entirely clear about it.

athena @ 09/12/07 13:12:16

now maybe he’ll get some 5s … that freaking old loser! 😉

hellcat @ 09/12/07 13:15:08

Casualty of Flame War

support our troops!

hellcat @ 09/12/07 13:18:03

hellcat @ 09/12/07 13:23:33

flamewar? don’t the participants get taken away to be reeducated before they’re allowed back?

just dropping off y’all some ammo… have fun…

gonna go… hungry…

variable @ 09/12/07 13:44:18

Casualty of Flame War

That was nutz.

this blog is about tolerance and taking note of the lack thereof as
well as the obvious inference that some are in the position to judge the
sanity of and the intrinsic value of their brethren blogger’s thoughts
as they slip in and out of what most would consider coherent dialog into
an auto-diatribe.

If a blogger wants to filibuster the thread on
his own blog, more power to him; it’s entirely likely there are worse
things he could be doing with his time as is noted in the case above.

When it happens in the Senate, you just shut off the C-Span.


GWHunta @ 09/12/07 14:25:03

STFU! STFU! Rawr! Rawr! STFU!

Hey Hunta — What’s your name?


Fuck you! That’s my name!

Ruff_Shot @ 09/12/07 14:28:21

ohhhhh hey buddy i know crazy. it lurks on the back of the bus singing
wesley willis tunes and flicking a lighter – one headfone on, two
different colored converse a wife beater with mustard stains and a pair
of easy shitters that are wayyyyyy tooo tight.

im not crazy it is you who it the one who is crazy.
and you want my magic bag
you’ll never get it.
stay the hell out of my sock drawer.

anyway to make a short story long on a scale of one to 5 i give this blog a “good”
you make a valid point about people here on the GNN being crazy. there are some crazy ones. hehehehehwhooo ahahhhasdhas
i think the real problem here are the sober people.
and forbes never hangs out anymore. or tango.
i miss tango.

and we need more pictures of animals with machine guns.

Livingston @ 09/13/07 17:58:51

ask and ye shall recieve… gurgle gurgle slobber

balls on a skillet!

bologna throwers!

technicolor flatulence is an inherent right!

and just because…

variable @ 09/13/07 18:18:25

teh revolution has it’s own action figures

variable @ 09/13/07 18:19:21

blah! blu! blu!

ya know the thing, no not teh thing but a thing is that there was this
one guy, right – the man’s a genius, kay? he used to stand out front of
his house and read books upside down, man. his name was greg.


revolution squats in the lawn of evangelical churches in the surburbs
of jerk-fuck nowhere amerikka piss drunk pooping at 4am and it knows
damn well mom and dad said to have the ford excursion and or expedition
back home by 1130 but hey them little blue pills they hand out at the
club they don’t wear off easy so you gotta drink and drink and drink and
next thing you know the telephone poll jumps out after you and oh boy
nothing feels like a fresh wet lawn right now

teh revolution knows that we are its action figures
wind up mankey men in our ape costumes dancing to the rhythms of the
strange ch-ch-changes: here do what these genes say, no, no, wait –
here’s some memes that are even better – listen to these ones

we are evolution’s action figures come aware of their absurd place in an aimless process of change almost four billion years
old happy birthday, bitches
buy the ticket, take the ride
and dance, mankeys, dance

sometimes go pee
sometimes mo fleas
sometimes no fleece

just don’t rant or be crazy
they’ll lock you away fo sho

Livingston @ 09/13/07 19:45:11

yeah, books should have a “this end up” sticker for those of us that aren’t geniuses

redeployed for another tour… i’m all hopped up on homemade memes. bring it on…

variable @ 09/14/07 10:14:01

Oh noes!

Forgot the most important one of all….

Ruff_Shot @ 09/14/07 10:27:47
variable @ 09/14/07 11:03:08

You are like the mother teresa of computer nerds hitla..

This has a double meaning today. Does he actually doubt the internet but get lots of money from world leaders to spread it?

thread reminds me of that general from the third season of Weeds whose
continual insult is “go suck yourself.” PS, damn good season.

mercenary @ 09/14/07 11:40:37

am not crazy, you made me crazy and I refuse to declare myself crazy. I
may not be what you wanted, but you get what you’ve got. Here I am

Lunatic fringe
I know you’re out there
You’re in hiding
And you hold your meetings
We can hear you coming
We know what you’re after
We’re wise to you this time
We won’t let you kill the laughter.

Lunatic fringe
In the twilight’s last gleaming
This is open season
But you won’t get too far
We know you’ve got to blame someone
For your own confusion
But we’re on guard this time
Against your final solution

We can hear you coming
(We can hear you coming)
No you’re not going to win this time
We can hear the footsteps
(We can hear the footsteps)
Way out along the walkway
Lunatic fringe
We know you’re out there
But in these new dark ages
There will still be light

An eye for an eye;
Well before you go under…
Can you feel the resistance?
Can you feel the thunder?

Ruff_Shot @ 10/07/07 15:18:25

Ruff_Shot Rocks.

GWHunta @ 09/29/09 03:42:30

About to expire…….

GWHunta @ 09/29/09 03:46:44

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