The Plan?

B15998 / Mon, 12 Jun 2006 09:11:27 / “War on Terror”

A comprehensive understanding of the sophisticated threat that we collectively face requires a multidisciplinary understanding of politics, military force and technologies, law enforcement, electronic surveillance, macro economics, energy systems, climate science and computer science and communications networking as well.

The solution system that has evolved around us and that will be utilized to “save civilization itself” incorporates and exploits both the realities and the perceptions of each of these areas of research and endeavor.

Data mining and surveillance technologies have greatly centralized the control of what was once a much larger and more diffuse base of control of the military and industrial complex.

What used to demand the knowing allegiance of the many, even the majority of those in positions of power, now requires the consent and knowing allegiance of a far fewer number and an ever smaller percentage of those who are needed to maintain control of the system are “in the loop”.

As this new paradigm advanced with fewer and fewer players in need to know positions all that was required of the majority of players was their complicity, not an actual understanding of the end that the means is to accomplish.

This was perceived as a strength while engaged in the process of reducing the numbers of those in need to know positions, but is a potential weakness due to the concentration of power within an ever shrinking circle of those with full knowledge and understanding of the events to come.

The weakness lies in the inability to maintain the conditioned complicity of the necessary majority of the power structure, once they begin to perceive that as individuals the end result may no longer be in their personal self interest.

Self interest is the reason most have sought power and few understand the potential end game that is necessary for the survival of the elite and the capitalist system of oligarchic government in the face of a global population growth and diminishing resources.

The efficiency of the command and control structure used by those few who truly need to be in the loop, is both their greatest strength and their greatest weakness.

The Nazi’s as a group were cock sure of their own supremacy and had they understood that they were the victims of American and British Imperialists and used as a buffer to stem the tide of communism from its sweep across continental Europe, they may have reconsidered their march into Stalinist Russia.

Little has happened purely by chance politically since the Roman empire.

The strength of the Nazi system was the creation of a master race as a stated goal and a shared delusion in Aryan superiority. The Nazis believed that their German society had a destiny to fulfill.

Though not all Germans internalized this belief, it was an allegiance to this stated though somewhat abstract goal that was crucial to being offered and maintaining a position of authority within that system.

Even in the face of certain military defeat, the Germans chose to remain largely united and continued the fight to within their own national borders and faced almost total destruction without total surrender. They resisted until the opposing armies from both East and West crushed them in a final pincher move.

The size of the current power base without any uniting goals or common understanding of the end game, with only complicity in the system simply for the purpose of individual self interest assures that this system of power control is vulnerable and has been designed for collapse.

Economic stability, let alone growth, depends upon meeting ever increasing demands for energy and materials. Even with no or negative per capita growth, these demands for energy and material continue to grow as the population expands.

The United States has 5% of the worlds population and uses 20% of the energy.

How many people who live and work here in the U.S. are actually necessary to providing the goods and services needed by the elite?

That is why this system is based upon self interest without a shared goal or insight to provide coherence and stability in the face of adversity.

It is a power structure designed for rapid collapse.

All the elite have to do is control the timing of said collapse and maintain control of the larger global economy and the military assets that are widely dispersed and largely based offshore.

Economic collapse of the global economy is inevitable due to rising population and diminishing resources.

It only makes sense to design the biggest most expensive and thus most dispensable society to collapse into it’s own footprint in a metaphorical controlled demolition to maintain power and viability over the larger system of commerce and military power that is now truly global in nature.

This prevents the necessity and even the possibility of widespread global conflict or the chance of nuclear holocaust in the event of an actual total breakdown of the U.S. brought on by allegedly unexpected and or events that appear to be beyond the control of our government.

If you doubt the validity of this claim of premeditated design, study the economics of recent U.S. history and the detail of U.S. government efforts to undermine our unions, export jobs and move the manufacturing base offshore.

As with imported energy, the trade and budget deficits have been touted as “problems” for years. As the government has addressed these problems they have grown ever larger and will ultimately result in an economic collapse not unlike that which occurred in 1929, that will have lasting global impact.

That the government would willfully implement policies that would downsize and consolidate segments of the private economy and violate the property rights of individual citizens isn’t science fiction, it’s historical fact.

Ask a family farmer, should you be fortunate enough to find one.

Reagan and Bush farm policies in the 1980’s and early 90’s virtually ended the “family” farm that had existed in America for generations as agribusiness reaped the rewards.

When you see one of those upscale monster tractors tilling, sowing or harvesting a field these days, the odds are better than even that the operator of that equipment is an employee and not the owner or a descendent of the owner of that land.

In order to counter years of national deficit in energy, trade and government budget, sacrifices have been and will continue to be made.

Recently the sale to foreign business interests of ports and other large and critical infrastructure has been questioned because of security reasons when they are purchased by corporations based in certain regions of the world.

The problem with this publicity is that it only exposes the tip of the iceberg, that is the firesale of formerly American held assets to foreign interests and ownership.

As the housing bubble shrinks and interest rates rise in concert with energy prices to check inflation, it will eventually break the cycle of consumer spending that drives the American economy and this will trigger global recession/depression and likely the last major military endeavor to secure the remaining reserves of cheap oil, also known as Iran.

It is said of the “Great Depression” of the 1930’s that when the U.S. caught cold the rest of the world got pneumonia. For millions of Americans families that “cold” cost them their farms, businesses and homes. It cost some of them their lives.

When the next economic collapse occurs, and it looms large on the horizon, the same if not worse conditions will be upon us. It isn’t hard to understand the real motive behind immigration reform movement that has the recently had the attention of the major media and Congress.

When the American economy fails the elite will do with the assets and homes of insolvent American families the very same thing that has happened to the family farm.

These assets and homes will be sold to elite foreign families with the wealth to emigrate from their own collapsing economies to the “security”of the U.S. and the older and most inefficient homes will fall into disrepair and likely be demolished.

Our domestic energy deficit can be completely overcome by restricting the transportation sector and limiting the ownership of the automobile and making largely obsolete the single family home that has become the standard for the American middle class.

The influx of foreign capitol to assume ownership of surplus McMansions and the newer and most efficient housing will viably support the security system and prevent a complete economic meltdown.

This will insure the American “cold” while the rest of the world endures “pneumonia”.

For the American middle class, it will redefine a whole new dimension for the term ”SOLD OUT”.

Evil ultimately preys upon itself.

Sometimes no Peace,

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a somewhat self-indulgent bump to the forum…….

Global Military Spending Hits $1.12 Trillion


More than half of my friends who graduated college with engineering degrees are now employeed in designing, constructing or maintaining weapons for the US Government. It certainly is a growth industry.

hhhmmmmmmm…me thinks out loud…just how many of those non-economically viable wind turbines would that amount of cash provide sufficient incentives to make the technology competitive with the electricity currently produced from burning natural gas and coal.

And if that natural gas was then diverted to the transportation sector using existing technologies to power the trucks and automobiles instead of heating homes and factories and burned to generate electricity, we could instead heat those structures with geothermal heat pumps with all that wind powered electricity.

We could compensate for the variations in wind by storing additional heat and or cooling capacity or achieve similar storage results with pumped hydro or compressed air (easily transportable by pipeline) and then we wouldn’t have to have such an elaborate and expensive military in order to dominate the middle eastern countries with the remaining reserves of cheap and easy oil.

Half your old friends with engineering degrees could then come home and be at liberty to tell their wives and children what they’d been up to all day and Americans would be respected around the world for leading the nations into a more earth friendly and sustainable lifestyle.

Forgive me, I was just thinking out loud.


GWHunta @ 06/12/06 18:55:37

That Commander in Chief, he sure has to make some tough choices to “insure our future”.

Sometimes no Peace,

GWHunta @ 06/13/06 07:07:07

24 Responses to The Plan?

  1. gwhunta says:

    US economics: One big Ponzi scheme
    While Bernie Madoff languishes in jail, bankers continue to profit as the poor lose their homes and hope.

  2. gwhunta says:

    Anonymous and the global correction
    A loosely organised group of hackers is targeting oppressive regimes and says this is just the beginning.

  3. gwhunta says:

    In search of an African revolution

    “What people want is the democratisation of society, of production, of the economy, and indeed all aspects of life,” says Manji. “What they are being offered instead is the ballot box.”

  4. gwhunta says:


    The redefinition and the reestablishment of actual democracy will require a national self examination and determination to reverse the current situation.

    In light of the current global population boom and facing limited material and energy resources the time and opportunity for altering the current course may well have passed.

    That said, so long as there is life, there is hope.

    The last refuge.


    GWHunta @ 09/13/07 22:24:10

  5. GWHunta says:

    Obama to Veto Any Attempt to Roll Back Automatic Cuts After Committee’s Inability to Reach Debt Deal

  6. GWHunta says:

    Human labor is becoming obsolete and uneconomical. The choice is simple and clear. We evolve politically to an advanced form of socialism, or we devolve into genocide. Machines are going to do the “work” in both instances in order to maximize the efficiency of resource utilization.

    Sometimes no Piece

  7. GWHunta says:

    Does the Romney/Ryan tax cut/plan end the Earned Income Tax Credit for the working poor?

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