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Thicker, juicier and uncut……. I am a political dissident. I was for a time a Democrat. Join me in the bid to CENSURE BUSH & Cheney.

Note: If you’ve been down this road before, scroll to the bottom to the “punch line”. Be careful not to miss the “juicy parts” as in “car accidents”, “attempted stabbings”, and “two documented mutilations” that were supposed to have been spinal fusions.

Follow the links if you think you can handle the Truth.

My family and I have suffered for years from the style of abuse and manipulation that misuse of the Patriot Act and similar State technologies make possible.

Please take the next few minutes to examine the scans and the message I faxed to our Congressman Bart Stupak the afternoon of December 22nd, 2005.

Dear Representative Stupak,

In December 2001, I found myself to be among the fortunate 300,000 or so that received a Holiday Greetings Card from the Bush White House. I was surprised to find myself on this list, considering that I am not, nor ever have been a member or a supporter of the Republican party, or George W. Bush.

Quite the contrary, in fact I have been a vocal opponent of the neo-conservative agenda and Republican policies on the Local, State and Federal levels.

I was particularly active and outspoken during the period following the September 11th disaster and the subsequent invasion of Afghanistan, as the general public rallied around the flag and the Patriot Act was rushed through the Congress with little if any deliberation and was signed into law by President Bush.

As a bit of a side note, thinking back to the occurrences of this fast and furious period, particularly the anthrax incidents and the security measures that are now needed to protect the Congress from repeated attacks.

These necessary security measures now hinder the paper mail. Electronic mail and facsimile have become the most expedient and efficient way for the citizenry to communicate with their representatives in Congress.

At the same time the technological capability to monitor, and or interfere with these electronic communications has greatly increased and is physically available to the Executive Branch.

What is or is not legal, moral or ethical seems to be a matter of individual conscience for the President and those who serve him. The end justifying the means, since the country is indeed at war.

The White House seems to have risen above the Constitution and the Rule of Law and the President seems to harbor disdain for the system of checks and balances Constitutionally required of Congress and the Judiciary for that matter.

Anyway, back to topic.

It was an even greater surprise the following December when yet another Holiday Greeting Card arrived from the White House, especially when I noticed it bore an individual postage stamp and was postmarked Crawford, TX., not mass mailed from Washington, D.C. as had the card I’d received the previous year.

During this period of obvious run up to the invasion and occupation of Iraq, I was even more adamantly opposed to the neo-conservative agenda than I had been previously and was of a similar mind and in general agreement with the opinion of Scott Ritter regarding the question of WMD’s or the lack thereof and how the issue should be dealt with in Iraq.

You might remember our conversation following a town hall meeting in the High School in Norway, MI in the spring of 2003. I introduced you to two of my three draft age sons and we discussed the neo-con agenda, the occupation of Afghanistan, the invasion of Iraq, and the lack of any evidence of the WMD’s that the Administration had told the American people were sure to be found in the hands of Saddam and his regime.

After the passing of the first several months of the war, when WMD’s were neither used nor found, I returned this Holiday Greeting Card unopened to the White House certified mail along with some other documents and a short message to the White House regarding the Holiday Greeting Card I’d returned.

Please continue your brave fight to reign in the excesses of this Administration and the Republican majority in Congress.

I leave you with the following question to contemplate:

Could it be that people who are willing to forfeit liberty so easily do not actually deserve it? ~Excerpt from The Road to Serfdom by Nebojsa Malic

Holiday Greetings The Roberts Family

When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty. ~Thomas Jefferson

Post Script for interested GNN Readers.—————————————————————————

2005 was not a good year for GWBush & company. The President and his advisors are licking their wounds and getting some much needed R&R prior to the 2006 return to D.C. when they’ll try to regain lost momentum.

All kidding aside now.

This campaign will begin January 31st with the State of the Union Address and at the top of the President’s agenda will be making permanent the Patriot Act. Think back to the five preceding State of the Union Addresses and some of the gems that have been disseminated on the American people.

I am asking for your help to revive this 2003 message to the White House by sharing this story and reminding GWBush & company that we are hip to their tactics and before they pack another State of the Union Address full of lies and propaganda, we are putting them on notice.

Help preempt this upcoming White House initiative by making the image accompanying this story the 2006 New Year’s Baby along with a New Year’s Resolution to let GWBush & company know we will be taking the upcoming event with the required “grain of salt”.

Please join me in my support for another Michigan member of the House of Representatives, Representative John Conyers in his bid to censure both Bush and Cheney.

I encourage you to press the issue with your own elected representatives and collectively lets let GWB & company know we neither want nor will we tolerate any additional interference, misdirection or deception.

We are the patriots and GW is all hat and no cattle.

Punch line_____

Excerpt from an e-mail I sent bengsmack regarding a post he made to critique this story…

“I’ve survived attempted stabbings, several suspicious car accidents and two documented mutilations that were supposed to have been “spinal fusions.” the words above don’t tell me about these occurances…that’s a story…that you have been targetted. Now, the tough part is telling that story and not coming across as a wingnut. to be taken seriously, you need to present facts orderly another story is about the christmas cards, which is old and dated…….

…….I didn’t just send the text to Stupak’s office in D.C. I sent the linked images as well. I went to Stupak for help a long time ago. I even provided some digital shots for his re-election campaign from a website I did commemorating the 25th anniversary of the end of the Vietnam War. called me at home to comment and then Representative Stupak took the line and asked for the OK to use the images. Bart later got a reality check and had to choose sides.

Think “You’re either with us, or against us.”

Bart is one of them.

No cavalry there.

The last page that rolled out of the fax machines from the various District offices and his D.C. fax machine was this image and handwritten message. 2006 is an election year. Now you get it?

Is this story ready to be published?


I need your VOTE and support. Fight American Fascism.

Become an active GNN Member and have your say in the matter.

Even better, e-mail Scott at the address above. Send him a link to this story and ask for directions to “the loyal opposition” party in American politics.

He’ll know which way to spin you.

As you may well imagine there is a great deal more to this story, and it’s one that I’d love nothing more than to tell. Feel free to drop me a line.

Thanks, GWHunta (since 1997, ever Wonder)

I leave you all with this final thought to contemplate:

We’ve got 24/7 TV, radio, even cell phone news, google and the blogoshpere.

When’s the last time you read, saw or wrote an article about “the war on organized crime”.

If the “war” is over…….

Who won?


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