Where’s Bart?


B13987 / Sat, 25 Mar 2006 18:55:53 / Miscellaneous

He was with us then…….where is he today?
It seems that Bart would have us say…….let’s just pretend it’s all O.K.
How many more will die today?
Is Bart with us…….against this war?
Or with is he with them…….this gang, now 4.
It’s us or them, so I’m told…….at the risk of sounding bold.
Please pick your side…….cause this New Year is growing old.
This one thing, please do remember…….we won’t forget, come this November.
SO PLEASE, Dear Bart…….it’s one small click.
Of endless war, we are simply sick!
Join with us…….United for Peace & Justice.

4 Responses to Where’s Bart?

  1. GWHunta says:

    Wade said: Thursday, July 16, 2009

    Karl is to be commended for his brave stance defending the scientific truth regarding the impact of incrementally increasing atmospheric CO2 levels and for standing fast against what is now becoming the enviro-political mainstream, largely due to the MSM’s concerted effort to disseminate a “trace gas hysteria” amongst the general population. Bottom line is that increased atmospheric CO2, though certainly an anthropogenic impact upon our environment, is not the primary or principal source of anthropogenic climate warming influence. “Peak Oil” is the real carbon based issue, but in the face of energy shortages, the masses become egalitarian and demand rationing, meaning restricting access to supply universally. “Cap and Trade” is quite simply energy and ultimately economic policy, cloaked in a “green” shroud. The Gore preference for caps, taxes and “carbon neutrality” means those wealthy enough to pay higher prices don’t suffer any cutbacks in energy consumption whatsoever, while the poor continue to get squeezed out of sufficient access to energy and the middle class are both further restricted and paying through the nose. As for the alleged anthropogenic climate influence, the supposed cause of the documented, albiet less than a single degree increase in the global average temperature; human alterations to the planet’s hydrological cycle are the principal and primary cause of human-induced climate warming. The first politician willing to concede these facts openly and honestly is the only one worthy of voter consideration for any public office in this country. Peace,

  2. GWHunta says:

    Bart’s with Lon

    Please join hosts Nino Green, Richard LaCosse, Kel & Estelle Smyth and Laurie & Bart Stupak at a reception in support of our campaign on Friday, 11/20 at the USW Local 2-21 Hall in Escanaba.

    For additional information and to RSVP, kindly contact Nancy at 231-486-6949 or nancy@lonjohnson.com.

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