Why Isn’t Gore Running?

Headlines : International
Summary: “My own country, the United States, is principally responsible for obstructing progress here in Bali.”
~ Albert Gore
“Trusting a politician as the lead spokesperson on the most important environmental issue and movement of our time; forsaking the more balanced opinions and approaches of many scientists and climatologists both at home and abroad is folly.”
~ GWHunta
By slightly re-framing this question,
for a more detailed examination of the facts;
it isn’t about just saving the planet,
it’s really all about…….
YOU.Sometimes no Peace

[Posted By GWHunta]

By Michael Hirsh Republished from Newsweek
The White House is the place to battle global warming.

There he was again on the world stage—in Oslo this time—celebrating his Nobel Peace Prize with singer Melissa Etheridge and actress Uma Thurman, the Hollywood hottie who called him “adorable” and said listening to him talk was “like watching a beautiful racehorse run.” But Al Gore isn’t running. Which raises the question: maybe Gore’s gotten a little too adorable-too comfortable in his role as a globe-trotting guru. What about his own damn country? Why isn’t Al Gore-Nobel laureate and enviro rock star, embodiment of the alternative history that never was, winner of the largest popular-vote total in U.S. presidential history (at the time) – seeking the job that many people still think should have been his in 2000? Yes, we’ve all heard that Gore’s reached a kind of peace within himself, and what fire that is left in his belly is guttering out. But shouldn’t this Hamlet of the Hustings be tormented with a little of the melancholy Dane’s anguished ambition, telling himself: “The time is out of joint; O cursed spite, that ever I was born to set it right?”

Gore is not without ambition to set things right, he appears to want to save the entire planet.

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        Posted by GWHunta
Small town, working class from Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.  1990 went to work for the MDOC; the very forefront of the U.S. Prison / Industrial Complex.      Learned there, the hard way, that if I wasn’t one of them; “they” would be pit against me.     …


“Big Al” Gore has been accumulating wealth at a rate exceeding $1,000,000.00 a month since losing his 2000 presidential bid.

Sometimes when you lose, you win.

Remember Gore’s warning of paycheck bias from An Inconvenient Truth?

Gore stands to become a near instant billionaire, if and when the U.S. joins the rest of the world currently endorsing radical cuts in CO2 emissions and adopts legislation mandating these cuts domestically.

Anthropogenic “global warming” isn’t simply the result of the addition of CO2 to the atmosphere; additionally there is new evidence that suggests that the theoretical runaway CO2 induced warming that has been computer modeled will not happen.

The joke may be on all of U.S.

And Gore has leveraged a position to continue laughing all the way to the bank.

Sometimes no Peace

GWHunta @ 12/16/07 10:37:29

11 hours and no comments?

Hero worship must really suck.

GWHunta @ 12/16/07 21:41:55

Hunta – 11 hours and no comments? Hero worship must really suck.

Huh? I think most of us are on the same page with ya, Hunta. Gore’s a bit of a douche.

Anyways, hope you and yours have a great christmas.

tango @ 12/16/07 22:15:41

Not much chance of the tango, but certainly appreciate the sentiment.

Still fighting the good fight, but sometimes when you lose, unlike Gore, you just lose.

Sometimes no Peace

GWHunta @ 12/17/07 23:07:03

“Not a dimes worth of difference.”
~ Ralph Nader


GWHunta @ 12/18/07 15:55:32

Ironic Bush “won” the presidency and Gore is well on his way to joining the “club.”

Most everybody thinks Bush sucks and Gore has redeemed himself.

Must be the money.


GWHunta @ 12/18/07 15:59:22

What gets my goat is the lack of research into ambient temperature supraconductors.

This could multiply power to the outlet while we get large scale cogeneration into gears.

mikecimerian @ 12/19/07 21:27:31

I’m not well researched in the area of superconductivity, but more a more efficient electrical distribution system would be a fine place to start.

Downsizing for less infrastructure can be more efficient.

I’ve been an advocate of small scale co-generative home systems for years.

Power produced and consumed efficiently at the location of the end user, even if they remain grid tied is the most efficient way to most fully utilize the energy of natural gas and gasification of biomass for distribution in the existing natural gas supply infrastructure is the most efficient means of transporting and utilizing this energy

Plug in electric vehicles can help bridge the gap between peak home electrical demand and small capacity systems by providing sufficient energy storage capacity to meet short term high load demands.

Most homes can be powered down when unoccupied when the vehicle is away from home and by remaining grid tied would never be left without sufficient electrical capacity regardless.  Small scale neighborhood grids could be designed to maintain sufficient capacity to meet most demand situations with auxiliary systems to maintain energy storage, possibly in the form of compressed air to meet any unusual demand situations.

The elimination of high energy lines and the transformation from generation voltage to transportation voltage and then back down to usable voltage would over time yield significant savings over existing systems sufficient to pay for the upgrade.

Not at all hard to imagine a world without overhead power lines and maybe a few wind turbines in the mix to assume their former place.


GWHunta @ 12/19/07 23:50:36


ShiftShapers @ 12/20/07 01:09:26

Sometimes no Peace

GWHunta @ 12/23/07 01:15:14

Mr. Obama also criticized Mr. Nader for equating Mr. Gore and Mr. Bush: ‘Eight years later, people realize that Ralph did not know what he was talking about.’

GWHunta @ 02/25/08 11:11:31

Truly one of the dumbest things to come from Obama in the current campaign.

“people realize”

Good luck with that.

GWHunta @ 05/20/08 08:45:16


GWHunta @ 05/20/08 08:45:29

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